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Monthly Anti-Bullying Ambassador School Feedback


Each month we are asking our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to feedback on the work they have been doing. The idea is to share good practice and inspire one another. Your feedback is really important to us, as it will give us the opportunity to celebrate your work and encourage other schools to have their own Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programmes. Your feedback show that the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme works and helps/supports many young people that suffer through bullying.  


We have trained over 16,000 students to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors across the UK. Every year we have the pleasure of visiting some of these schools to see the brilliant anti-bullying work their Ambassadors are doing. We make a film about their work and then invite them to an event where we showcase and celebrate their work in front of an audience and some very special guests. 



We want to celebrate the amazing work of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors across the UK / Ireland. 

Read about the amazing work of our individual Ambassadors and hear about how they are changing attitudes and opinions in their schools and communities.



As part of our commitment to develop ‘good practice’ across our Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme, we have selected Regional Staff Anti-Bullying Champions for 2015/16. We believe that the Lead Anti-Bullying staff members play an important role in facilitating, guiding, sourcing finances and resources for their projects. This page will follow their journeys of our Staff Champions over the next year.