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The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign has teamed up with Vodafone to create Be Strong Online, a new programme to help students explore the digital world. Be Strong Online uses a peer-to-peer approach to empower students and enable them to share knowledge about the digital world with younger students.

In this module, we explore Coding & Creativity. A core part of the new Computing curriculum, coding is a skill which helps students to think both logically and creatively and to solve problems. Understanding code gives an insight into a world of possibilities.

By running the Coding & Creativity module, Tech Trainers will be able to open up a discussion with their peers about coding and the possibilities it brings.

At the end of their 20-minute session with younger students, the Tech Trainers will have:Explored possible future uses for coding:

Explored possible future uses for coding;
- Inspired students to get engaged with coding and sparked their interest to develop their skills;
Helped students to see how coding plays a key role in many areas of everyday life.

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1. Click here to download the Coding & Creativity staff guide

2. Click here to download the Coding & Creativity lesson plan for Tech Trainers to follow

3. Click here to download the Coding & Creativity Info Sheet for students and parents

4. Click here to download the Coding & Creativity PowerPoint Presentation 

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