Impact toolkit for the anti-bullying ambassadors programme

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Teachers always mention how much value the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors add to their schools, but they also comment that this is very difficult to prove.

In our evaluations of the programme, when asked about the challenges of the programme, one teacher highlighted:

“Monitoring and collecting data. Everyone knows that Anti-Bullying Ambassadors has made a difference but it’s difficult to quantify”

In response to this, The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign is providing Staff Anti-Bullying Leads with the opportunity to access our surveys help gauge the impact of the programme.

If you have not been trained by us before, we recommend this format of measuring your impact: 

We recommend surveying at several points because our evaluations have found that anti-bullying campaigns take a long time to take effect, so understanding that process of change is very important. Another benefit of this is that the survey data will provide you with important feedback from students about the success of the anti-bullying initiatives.  

If you have been trained by us and have an active Ambassador network in school, we recommend a slightly different format to measuring your impact. This involves retrospective surveying of at least one year group at different points of time and the use of a Research Diary to reflect on the progress of anti-bullying initiatives. 

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