The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign has teamed up with Vodafone to create Be Strong Online, a new programme to help students explore the digital world!

From cyberbullying and sexting, to taking part in online dares or feeling pressured to fit in with activities broadcast on social media, it is crucial that young people develop the critical thinking skills and confidence to cope with these situations when they arise.

This module features interactive peer-to-peer activities to help young people explore different peer pressure situations and develop practical strategies to use when they encounter social pressures online.

The Be Strong Online programme takes a peer-to-peer approach. With the help of the resources below, a staff member will train a group of students (who we call the 'Tech Trainers') who will then deliver short lessons with younger students:

Click on the links below to download all the resources you need to run Peer Pressure Online in your school or youth group!

1. Click here to download the Peer Pressure Online guide for staff.

2. Click here to download the Peer Pressure Online lesson plan for Tech Trainers to follow

3. Click here to download the Peer Pressure Online student/parent information sheet.

4. Click here to download the Peer Pressure Online PowerPoint Presentation

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