We are the Anti-Bullying Pros!

A big hello from the team behind the Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Campaign. 

To contact any of the Anti-Bullying team please email: antibullying@diana-award.org.uk with the staff member's name you would like to contact in the subject field. 


Alex Holmes
Head of Anti-Bullying Campaign

I was bullied at school and started a campaign in my school, creating Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. For this I received the Diana Anti-Bullying Award. From there I went on to create a TV advert against bullying and now I am lucky enough to run The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme. 

The best part of my job is seeing thousands of young people get excited and make things happen.

Katie Collett
SENIOR Anti-Bullying Project Manager

As Senior Anti-Bullying Project Manager, my role involves expanding our Anti-bullying Campaign to cover issues such as internet safety and body confidence, and working with partners such as Vodafone and ASOS to deliver resources on these topics to young people across the country.

I have previously worked as a Marketing & Communications Manager with research agency Populus, and as a Policy Adviser on secondment to the Department for Education. What I love about my job is helping young people to develop the confidence and skills they need to thrive.

Frankie spivey
Events and Marketing Co-ordinator

I am the Events & Marketing Co-ordinator for the Anti-Bullying Campaign.

I enjoy working with The Diana Award and the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors team as my job enables me to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. I hope to enable young people to have the skills and confidence to beat bullying and ensure that all young people feel safe in their schools and communities.

Paul hanmore
lead anti-bullying trainer

I am responsible for the delivery of the anti-bullying training events and continuing to develop the programme for young people and adults alike to take a stand against bullying. 

I have worked with Young People in schools, young offenders, mental health and LGBT support groups. Within all these contexts, bullying has affected most of the Young People I have worked with so I chose to work for The Diana Award for these reasons and I have personally experienced bullying.

I want to empower Young People to take a brave step, just like I did, in making a stand against bullying and making the world a better place for everyone.

"My philosophy is to always be happy with who you are, and embrace every little thing about you. It’s what makes you unique!" - Tich

"Growing up, I always stood out and was seen as a little weird which I hated! Now I have come to realise that being different is a cool thing that works for you, not against you." - Vince Kidd

"Bullying can be incredibly damaging and it’s important that people come together to end its harmful effects, but also encourage happiness and positivity!” - Will Poulter

"Anyone who is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador should be very proud. I am proud of you."              - Craig Roberts

We know how important it is to show kids that if you treat yourself and other people with respect, it will make you happy and successful in the long run.          - Twist and Pulse

I believe that at the root of all bullying is the intolerance of difference. Difference should be celebrated. -  Carrie Grant 



I work as a Project Coordinator implementing our ASKfm project which focuses on online anonymity and cyberbullying and expanding the reach of the Anti Bullying Campaign.

Before this I worked for We Day as a speaker and facilitator, visiting schools across London.

I love talking to young people about the global, national and local issues that concern them and helping them to take action.



Graduating with a First-class (BA Hons) in Politics and International Relations from the University of Kent at Canterbury, I have always been interested in how policy decisions affect the young people of Britain today.

With this in mind, joining The Diana Award team as the Research and Policy Analyst is an ideal fit for me. My role involves co-ordinating our research and analysing Parliamentary policy choices so that our Anti-Bullying Campaign can continue to achieve Princess Diana’s mission of equality, excellence and opportunity by preventing bullying and ensuring every child has the opportunity to recognise their full potential.


tessy ojo
Chief Executive Officer

I am the CEO at The Diana Award and am responsible for the overall strategy and development of the charity.

I am passionate about young people and believe that young people deserve to be celebrated for their contribution to society, deserve the opportunity to grow and develop irrespective of their background and young people should be engaged in tackling social issues that affect them.