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We have created this page to help and support you take a stand against bullying in your school/youth organisation/community. This is your page so if you have some creative ideas on how we can make the page even better feel free to email us and we can look into making these ideas come to life.

We hope you have fun exploring our site!

Why become part of the Youth Board? Our current Northern Ireland members tell you why.

'I have had a fantastic year representing the NI YB as an Anti-bullying Ambassador. The experience, knowledge, confidence and skills I have gained I will take with me for life. I have had the honour of taking up the mantle and being a good leader and role model as an Anti-bullying Ambassador. A role that filled me with immense pride and one that I wanted, to help make a difference.' Sarah-Jane, Year Nine, Derry

'During my time on the Northern Ireland Youth Board, I have gained many skills such as preparing presentations and speeches and have got to do things that I never thought I could. Who would have known that a year ago, simply being handed an application form would change my life and open my eyes to a world where I can help people for the better. My final task will be to help select next year’s Northern Ireland Youth Board members, so if I can give you one piece of advice, if you’re considering filling in that form, please don’t hesitate as it may be the end of my journey, but it could be the start of yours.' Cameron, Year 10, Belfast


Anti-Bullying Ambassador

Youth Board Application

(Applications only open to those who have received our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training)

Name *
Your Ethnicity *
What best describes your gender: *
Would you describe yourself as having a disability *
Location *
(This bit is really important. We want to show off what you plan to campaign about. List and explain any Anti-Bullying related activities you're planning on doing, so we can get a really good idea of what you want to do as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador)
Tell us about you experience
Now we would like you to awnser these questions by looking at what sort of person you are and rating the following skills: *
Now we would like you to awnser these questions by looking at what sort of person you are and rating the following skills:
I feel confident in suggesting how the Ant-Bullying Ambassadors programme could be improved.
I understand youth issues (Issues that affect young people).
I can share and know what works in schools to stop bullying.
I am good at giving advice.
Can you provide contact details for a Teacher (We will contact them for a reference)?