National Anti-Bullying Week 2014 

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This year, to celebrate National Anti-Bullying Week, the Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme held two Anti-Bullying Week Conferences involving over 600 young people from across England. Our Northern event took place at the magical venue Blackpool Winter Gardens, and our Southern event was held at the Emirates Stadium in Arsenal. Facebook sponsored the event and provided some very cool swag bags and ran a brilliant workshop with staff, and a photography workshop with the young people.

At the conferences we held a Dragon’s Den competition which involved a number of schools pitching their idea to a panel of Dragons to win the prize of £200 to make their idea happen. Congratulations to Deepdale Junior School and Ramsden Hall for winning the competition. We look forward to seeing them make their ideas a reality!

The young people who attended the event took part in workshops led by our celebrity supporters. The workshops encouraged the young people to explore bullying in a creative way through song, rap, dance, vlogging, graffiti, public speaking and photography. Check out below what they got up to and what they learnt from their workshops…


Rap - Bars and Melody

It was amazing meeting BAM and peforming with them in front of everyone, I feel a lot more confident now I know I can do that! - Girl, Year 7

Music  – Emily Middlemass, Lucy Kay, James Smith, Molly Rainford and Fresh Re

I loved the music workshop! It was innovative and a fun way to express bullying – Boy, Year 9

Really good workshop, it made me think about the anti-bullying  lyrics – Girl, Year 10

Drama  – Max Boden, James Forde and Ceallach Spellman, Adam Deacon

The drama really helped me see all the different types of bullying – Boy, Year 8

Dance – Twist and Pulse, Gilly Muwanga

Fun and creative workshop. Got us all moving and smiling, I’d love to do it again! – Boy, Year 9

Public Speaking  - Carrie Grant, Sam King, Nikki and Sammy Albon

Carrie taught me that we need to celebrate difference - Girl, Year 11
The final video the vloggers help us make was brilliant and the guys were so down to earth and chatty - Boy, Year  9

Photography – Thomas Knights, Jameela Jamil and Instagram

Photography showed us about our personality and it was about what we are like – Girl, Year 6
I thought it was a great way to express yourself through photos and capture positive images! - Girl, year 10

Graffiti – Positive Arts

Very good graffiti workshop! I liked that we incorporated our school motto into our graffiti board. Very talented people who ran it! - Boy, Year 8

Staff workshops

Thank you to the following people who ran the staff workshops; Facebook/Instagram Safety Team, Kirsty – Aylsham High School, Lisa – Alfreton Grange Arts College, Paul Vodden, Childline.

Dragon's Den Panel

Every year we ask schools who attend our Anti-Bullying Week event if they want to take part in our Dragon's Den competition for their chance to win £200 to make their anti-bullying initiative idea a reality! Congratulations to Deepdale Junior School and Ramsden Hall for winning the competition for their anti-bullying app idea and anti-bullying zone. Thank you to everyone who sat on our Dragon's Den panel for their fantastic judging.

Question and Answer Panel

At our event we like to give the young people and staff who attend the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of anti-bullying experts. Our panel, who were a combination of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, industry experts and talent, did a great job at answering some tricky questions from the audience.  

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made National Anti-Bullying Week 2014 such a special week by getting excited and making things happen! Together we can stop stop bullying :)

Check out some of our favourite photos from our Instagram Booth..

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