Anti-Bullying Ambassador Secondary School Showcase Event 2014

Every year we hold an event to celebrate and recognise the work of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from a number of selected Primary and Secondary Schools. The event provides the Ambassadors with a chance to showcase their anti-bullying work in front of a number of schools and some very special guests. We also make an anti-bullying film at all the schools which is shown on the day.

This year our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Secondary Showcase Event was held at Facebook's Headquarters in London. Have a watch of this year's school films to see why we picked them to be our Showcase Schools....

Watch what we got up to on the day...

Showcase School Videos

Springwell Community College, Chesterfield

Springwell Community College have been a part of the programme since 2012 and have gone on to be a model anti-bullying school in their local area. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have used creative and fun anti-bullying techniques to spread the message to all year groups in the school including using dance, doing transition work and even using toothpaste! The Ambassadors haven’t just focussed on tackling bullying in their school but have gone into the community and local Primary schools to teach people about their work. They Ambassadors are also very active on Twitter and Facebook. You can check out what they get up to here: @SpringyABTeam and

St Angela's Ursuline, London

St Angela’s Ursuline is an all-girls school in London. As the school do not have a big issue with bullying they have focused their efforts on preventing bullying through promoting positive relationships between students and staff in the school. They have encouraged students to write notes with compliments on to give to staff and students and had feel-good days including an anti-bullying fete. The Ambassadors have embraced technology in their anti-bullying work including encouraging students to do sweet Tweets and Facebook posts to each other, making a happy playlist on Soundcloud and creating a film which raises awareness about cyber bullying. Check out the girl's anti-bullying blog:

Levenshulme High School, Manchester

Levenshulme is an all-girls Secondary School in Manchester. After an Ofsted report in 2013 highlighted that there needed to be a drastic change in the school in regards to behaviour, the school signed up to the programme. In a year the school have managed to turn things around and in their most recent Ofsted report inspectors wrote that anti-bullying was now high profile in the school and students felt safe. The Ambassadors and staff have worked hard to raise issues around LGBT including holding a student debate. Every day the students start the day by saying their anti-bullying pledge to ensure they all understand the values and attitudes that are expected of them at school. Watch how the Ambassadors have helped change the culture of this school for the better in just 12 months... 

Appleton Academy, Bradford

Appleton is a mixed Academy in Bradford. The AAAB group (Appleton Academy Against Bullying) have created anti-bullying parent leaflets to help inform parents about how they can support their child if they’re being bullied. The Ambassadors have explored inappropriate language with students from each year group by running workshops which look at the difference between bullying and banter. Through graffiti they have explored how different words and actions can make people feel. Ambassadors have also help to educate students at the academy about relationships and behaviour online, particularly by looking at e-safety and cyber-bullying on social media sites. 

Newbold Community School, Chesterfield

The school were trained by the Diana Award last year in aid of National Anti-Bullying Week. Since being trained the Ambassadors have launched an anti-bullying poster competition, created an anti-bullying bench, opened a room for students to visit and discuss issues at lunchtimes and finished the week with a balloon release where the balloons contained an anti-bullying message and their anti-bullying email address. They have spoken at School Council and staff meetings to inform people what they are doing, and have recently worked with a number of younger students from the Primary schools to help them to understand what they can do if they are bullied. 

Wellingborough Prep School, Northampton

Wellingborough Prep School have used some very innovative initiatives to reduce bullying including hosting a Wellingborough’s Got Talent day. To make their Anti-Bullying Policy more child friendly they have selected key points and attached them to balloons around the school. The Ambassador’s Buddy Room has been a particular success in the school and provides a safe haven for students at break and lunch times who feel vulnerable. Ambassadors are easily identifiable in the playground by the smiley ties they wear and students can easily report any issues of bullying by using the school anti-bullying email.