First Anti-Bullying School Showcase Event in Ireland

Every year we hold an event to celebrate and recognise the work of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from a number of selected schools. The event provides the Ambassadors with a chance to showcase their anti-bullying work in front of a number of schools and some very special guests. We also make an anti-bullying film at all the schools which is shown on the day.

This year we invited schools from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to our first ever schools showcase event in Ireland. The event was held in Dublin at Facebook's European Headquarters. We are currently working with Facebook to ensure young people know what to do if they have a problem on the site. You can see more information about staying safe online here

Check out what we got up to at the event......

Showcase Schools

 Have a watch of this year's Showcase Schools films to see the range of anti-bullying initiatives they've implemented in their schools..

Newbridge Integrated College, County Down, Northern Ireland

New Bridge Integrated College aims to get students to help each other with bullying and any difficulties that they face. As a team, the Ambassadors have designed a giant anti-bullying mural in a tunnel which they hope will give a motive to others to think about the consequences of bullying. Their hard work continues throughout the day with the Ambassadors wearing their hoodies and badges during lunchtime to make people aware of their presence. They have also created a unique drama piece which they perform to young people in other schools to show what they do at New Bridge and to show how they can continue the fight against bullying.

Belfast Model Girls School, Northern Ireland

Belfast Model Girls Anti-Bullying Ambassadors want to make students at the school aware that there are others, many of whom that have gone through bullying themselves, that are able to provide help and support for them. They have invited the girls to a friendship conference which teaches them on how to build friendships and what bullying is. Understanding that students would often rather talk to a peer than a teacher, the Ambassadors offer help for resolving disputes and bullying among other students.

Round Tower Integrated Primary School, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Round Tower are a small integrated Primary School in Belfast and received our training in October 2013. Since the training the Ambassadors have been very busy in their very special homemade Ambassador t-shirts! The Ambassadors have focussed on ensuring that all students know how they can report bullying. Each class now have an Ambassador to ensure the whole school is involved in the anti-bullying campaign and are aware of who they can talk to if they have any issues related to bullying. The Ambassadors have also done an exercise they learnt at the training with the whole school which helps students to identify their support network. A heart of kindness has been put up in the school to celebrate and recognise all of the kind acts which take place in the school. 

St Andrew's College, Dublin

We sent Irish pop group Fresh Re to St Andrews to check out what anti-bullying initiatives they had implemented since receiving our training in March 2013. To launch the anti-bullying campaign students held a Friendship Day in the school. The day involved doing ice breakers and different activities to allow students from all years to get to know each other. The school designed a friendship flag to remind pupils to treat each other with respect. Pupils in young year have each been assigned with an Ambassador to keep an eye on them whilst they are at school and to talk to if they have any issues of bullying. Ambassadors have also worked hard to promote e-safety within the school.

Loreto College, Dublin

Ambassadors at Loreto College are focused on stopping and preventing cyber bullying occurring at their school. They have dedicated themselves to look out for cyber bullying on social media sites and help to tackle online bullying by getting student to use the hastag #standupagainstbullying. The Ambassadors have also set up the positive post notes programme which involves putting notes with cheerful and friendly messages on everyone’s locker and in teacher's registers to brighten their day.