Welcome to our #Back2School page!


Welcome to our #Back2School page. Here you will find useful top tips about going back to school. From what to have in your bag to what you need to find out when you go back. We also have some very special blogs written by some of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors about their time at school. 

Our special #Back2School blogs written by some familiar faces...

James Mcvey.jpg

James McVey
The Vamps

To read James's #Back2School blog please click here. 

James Forde
Actor - Eastenders

To read James's #Back2School blog please click here. 

Danny-Boy Hatchard
Actor - Eastenders

To read Danny-Boy's #Back2School blog please click here. 

#FF Jodie Marsh.jpg

Jodie Marsh 
Anti-Bullying Campaigner & Model 

To read Jodie's #Back2School blog please click here.


Emily Berrington

To read Emily's #Back2School blog please click here.

Max Evans.jpg

Max Evans
Rugby Player 

To read Max's #Back2School blog please click here. 

Danielle Peazer

To read Danielle's #Back2School blog please click here. 

Sam Stanley
Rugby Player - England 7's

To read Sam's #Back2School blog please click here.

Fresh Ré

To read Fresh Ré's #Back2School blog please click here.

Jordi Withworth.png

Jordi Whitworth

To read Jordi's #Back2School blog please click here.

James Poole.jpg

James Poole

To watch James's #Back2School vlog please click here.

Tahirah Sharif
Actress - Waterloo Road

To read Tahirah's #Back2School blog please click here.


Bars and Melody
Singing/Rap DUO

To read Bars and Melody's #Back2School blog please click here.

Anna Acton
Actress - Eastenders

To read Anna's #Back2School blog please click here. 

Rebecca Craven.png

Rebecca Craven
Actress - Waterloo Road

To read Rebecca's #Back2School blog please click here.

Kelly Hoppen
Interior Designer 

To read Kelly's #Back2School blog please click here.

Lucy Kay.jpg

Lucy Kay
Classical Singer 

To read Lucy's #Back2School blog please click here.

#FF Layton Williams.jpg

Layton Williams
Actor - BBC Three's Bad Education 

To read Layton's #Back2School blog please click here.

Rowan Chesire 
Team GB Halfpipe Skier

To read Rowan's #Back2School blog please click here.

Vouge Williams
Model & DJ

To read Vouge's #Back2School blog please click here.

ARP140702_Diana Award_Print84.jpg

Paul Potts
Classical Singer 

To read Paul's #Back2School blog please click here.


To read Roycey's #Back2School blog please click here.

Nathan Grisdale

To read Nathan's #Back2School blog          please click here.

Actor - Waterloo Road

To read Shane's #Back2School blog please click here. 

Marcus Back2School.JPG

Marcus Butler

To read Marcus's  #Back2School blog please click here.

Sammy Oliver
Actress - Waterloo Road

To read Sammy's #Back2School blog please click here.

Ceallach Spellman
Actor & TV Presenter 

To read Ceallach's #Back2School blog please click here.

Rakhee Thakrar.jpg

Rakhee Thakrar
Actress - Eastenders

To read Rakhee's #Back2School blog please click here.

Armin Karima
Actor - Waterloo Road

To read Armin's #Back2School blog please click here.

Ethan Lawrence
Actor - BBC Three's Bad Education 

To read Ethan's #Back2School blog please click here

Jay Brown
Channel 4's Youngers Star

To read Jay's #Back2School blog please click here.

Jordan O'Keefe

To read Jordan's #Back2School blog please click here.

Guitarist - Canary Swing 

To read Cory's #Back2School blog please click here.

Georgia Groome

To read Georgia's #Back2School blog please click here. 

Jamie Nicholls
Professional Snowboarder 

To read Jamie's #Back2School blog            please click here.

Rosie Day

To read Rosie's #Back2School blog  please click here. 

Top Tips for when you are going #Back2School

#Back2School Bag Checklist:

1. Pens, pencils, ruler, highlighters etc.

2. Notebook/planner

3. Calculator

4. Buss pass/train pass/walking route

5. Lunch/lunch money/lunch Card

At your new school find out...

1. Find out where the toilets are

2. Find out who you can speak to if you have a worry or concern

3. Find out where your class rooms are for each lesson

4. Find out your computer log in



Our #SchoolJamz's Playlist  

We have asked our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to give us their favourite songs which get them up in the morning and make them feel happy. To listen to the playlist click here.


If you need advice/support on cyber-bullying issues, please click here.

If you need advice/support on bullying issues or you need someone to speak to click here.

School Jamz

We have created a short playlist of some of our favourite upbeat songs for the return back to school. We have also included suggestions from our followers on Twitter.

To listen to the playlist on YouTube click here.