#BeNiceBus Anti-Bullying Tour

Together with Stagecoach, The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign have just launched an exciting partnership to deliver a bus tour promoting Anti-Bullying in schools across the UK.

The #BeNiceBus tour will visit schools and offers walk-on workshops for young people during which they will explore the impact of cyberbullying. These interactive workshops will encourage young people to think about their actions, offer advice to young people experiencing cyberbullying, and invite students to sign an anti-bullying pledge. This is a free opportunity and resources will be given to each school to take away after the workshops.



The #BeNiceBus offers the following:

Workshops: The #BeNiceBus will spend a day within your school hosting  anti-bullying workshops from 10am to 3pm. Each workshop will last 45 minutes and will be delivered to groups of up to 30 young people aged 8 - 18. Each young person who attends these workshops will be provided with a ‘Staying Safe Online’ workbook and other resources to support them.

Walk-on sessions: During break times the bus can be used as a ‘safe space’ in which young people are free to talk to the facilitator about any issues/concerns they may have and can be signposted to other support networks. Any concerns raised within these session will be passed on to the schools safeguarding lead.

After-care: Finally, all schools who host the #BeNiceBus will be provided with an after-care programme, which contains resources for staff and students to help develop their cyberbullying campaign.

If you are interested in signing your school up for this project, please fill in the below form to register your interest and be in with a chance to host this fantastic programme at your school!




You can register your interest in booking places at one of the upcoming #BeNiceBus Tour Dates below.

Manchester Tuesday 22nd October

Manchester Wednesday 23rd October

Manchester Thursday 24th October

Cheltenham Spa Tuesday 3rd December

Cheltenham Spa Wednesday 4th December

Cheltenham Spa Thursday 5th December

Gloucester Tuesday 10th December

Gloucester Wednesday 11th December

Gloucester Thursday 12th December

Due to the nature of the #BeNiceBus tour, we will be in specific regions throughout the year. This means that there are designated dates for each location we visit. Unfortunately we are unable to have any flexibility on the locations/dates.