The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Team Visit Schools for National Anti-Bullying Week

During National Anti-Bullying Week Elisha, Ellie, Kieran and Ben headed out of the office to see for themselves the great work some of our Anti-Bullying Ambassador schools are doing. 

Ellie and Ben visit Springwell Community College and Newbold School in Chesterfield

"In the early afternoon we had the pleasure of visiting Springwell Community College. As soon as we arrived at Springwell we saw their commitment to stamping out bullying with their pledge tree which hangs in reception. They also have a great Anti-Bullying Ambassador display which gets changed weekly. It gives the Ambassadors' top tips and highlights the work they do around their school. There was a real buzz around the school in the afternoon as students got excited for the school's Anti-Bullying assembly which schools from the local area were attending. In the assembly Springwell showcased their Anti-Bullying dance which they have been working on for 2 months. There wasn't a dry eye in the room by the end of it! The schools stayed on after the assembly to do a workshop with Springwell's Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator, Mrs Foxley-Johnson. The workshop involved the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors working together to explore the issue of bullying using.......toothpaste!

Springwell dance 4.jpg

We then headed to Newbold School who are situated just down the road. Newbold only recently received our training so decided to kick start their Anti-Bullying work with a 6th form and Year 7 balloon launch. During National Anti-Bullying Week they have also set up a special Anti-Bullying room where students can come at break times if they are feeling lonely to play games and socialise with the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. They were surprised at how popular the room had already been that week."

Newbold balloon launch 2.jpg

Elisha visits Chaucer School in Sheffield

"I visited Chaucer school who were holding an assembly for years 7’s, a bake sale, an own clothes day and an Anti-Bullying wristband sale.

On arrival to the school I met Naomi Evans, Assistant Head teacher and Head of Child Protection. I was introduced to their Anti-Bullying Ambassador team by students who had volunteered their time to help out. All students paid £1 to wear their own clothes to school. Each form group decided on a theme for their group some themes included geeks vs thugs and a onesie theme.

The school also have a pledge tree to symbolise that there is always a helping hand or a watchful eye at the school. The leaves will be filled with pledges from each Anti-Bullying Ambassador which will change yearly. These pledges will state how the school/Ambassadors intend to support all students at Chaucer School.


Students had also been baking and selling buns and shortbread, they had given time after school to bake these and managed to sell 160 in the first hour! 

The Year 7 assembly opened with a video made by 2 of their current Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. The video featured a girl who had been bullied speaking out about her story and asking why it had happened to her. It had a huge impact on the students watching and was a good way to start this assembly.

Students had also been raising money all week to be able to create an Anti-Bullying Banner for their main assembly hall. The school has recently employed a new Pastoral Care Leader who will be leading on the Anti-Bullying Ambassador team. The school aim to continue with their Anti-Bullying work and become a recognised Anti-Bullying school in their area.

The school have many changes that they are hoping to implement in the future and intend to enter into our National Anti-Bullying Week competition and keep us updated on their work."

Kieran visits Aylsham High School's Friendly Faces in Norfolk

"Aylsham High School had been really busy with anti-bullying events throughout the week including; running drop in sessions, cake sales, selling wristbands, a year 7 disco and writing an anti-bullying song.

I was invited to sign Aylsham High's 'We'll Stop Bullying' banner. All of the school have signed this banner with their fingerprints to symbolise their commitment to tackling bullying. The Friendly Faces (Anti-Bullying Ambassador team), had been running workshops all week with the Year 7s to teach them about the different types of bullying and tips on how to deal with bullying. The Year 7s then wrote their own anti-bullying slogans on a piece of bunting which were put together and hung up in the school. 

ff edit.jpg

The school have used the Friendly Face team to create such a positive environment. The Friendly Faces are well known throughout the school and the students aspire to be a Friendly Face which helps encourage good behaviour." You can follow the Friendly Faces' work on twitter @AHS_FF

Thank you to all schools who ran events through National Anti-Bullying Week and invited us to visit them.

If you would like to share any of your school's Anti-Bullying work with us please send an email to Ellie Cooper at