Meet Anti-Bullying Ambassador Daniel

Daniel is 10 and has sadly been the victim of physical and verbal bullying for a number of years. He is using his experience of bullying to make sure no one goes through the same experience as him. 

 “I have been hit, called names and made fun of. The bullying made me feel like I was some sort of planet and this portal had sucked me deeper into this internal darkness realm. Now that planet has pulled itself out like I’ve pulled myself out of this misery and become what I am today, getting lots more friends.”

Daniel and a group of students from his school were trained to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in 2013.

 “At the training we learnt about the three main types of bullying and ways to stop bullying and to never deal with it on your own. Oh and we also has lots of fun!

Luckily with my school having Anti-Bullying Ambassadors my own and others bullying has become less. I have been able to help many people when they have been bullied using my anti-bullying training. Being an Ambassador has made me think less about bullies and made me think more about learning and having fun on the playground. It has also made me realise that I am not the only one that could help others, I can also pass on all the things I have learnt to other children in my school.

At our school we raised awareness of bullying by putting up anti-bullying posters. We also worked with our teacher to make the playground safer. Me and the other Ambassadors visited an infant school in our area so we could share our knowledge with them and tell them that if they move up to our school it is a safe and friendly environment to be in.”

Daniel was recently selected to be one of the 14 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to sit on our Youth Board.

“I wanted to apply to be on the Youth Board because Princess Diana saw the power in all young children and I wanted to prove it’s true.”

Daniel has stuck to his word and recently designed a sticker campaign to raise awareness of bullying in his community. He educated people about the work he does as an Ambassador and asked them if they would take a stand against bullying with him. Everyone who said yes was presented with one of Daniel’s stickers.

“I am so glad I was chosen to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador as I have learnt so much about how to deal with bullying, I have made new friends and met interesting people and had fun. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t want to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador!”