Schools' Anti-Bulling work from Feedback Friday (Friday 7th February)

Once a month the Anti-Bullying Ambassador team spend the day on the phones chatting to our very lovely Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and staff members. We know you all do great Anti-Bullying work at your schools, youth organisations and colleges but we want to hear about it! The next Feedback Friday is Friday 28th March.

Here is what the schools we spoke to on Feedback Friday on Friday 7th February have been up to...

The school's Anti-Bullying pledge board

The school's Anti-Bullying pledge board

Aldworth School

Thank you to Francesca Hubbard (Pastoral Support Assistant) for arranging a Feedback Friday call with three Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from Year 9; James, Sharna and Iesha. This is what their Ambassador team has been doing recently:

'Pledge board: In the school we have a pledge board which says 'see it, report it, stop it'. It is laminated and people sign it if they pledge to do this.                                           

Meetings: We have meetings once every two weeks which we invite some Year 7s along to. At the meetings we go round the group and share any good things that have happened to us over the last few weeks and any nice things that people have said to us. This has helped boost our confidence. We have also done role plays in the meetings with 30 people to explore issue of cyber-bullying.                                                                                               

Community: We (Sharna and Iesha) were inspired by these meetings and went into our communities to spread the Anti-Bullying word! We made 20 origami roses with the Diana Award's website and went round to our neighbours handing out roses and telling them about our Anti-Bullying work.

National Anti-Bullying Week: During National Anti-Bullying Week the Ambassadors filled a sack with facts about bullying and went around the school handing these out to raise awareness of how important the issue of bullying is. Many of the staff and students were shocked about the statistics.                                                                           

Film club: We hold a film club once a month after school. During National Anti-Bullying Week we showed a film about cyber-bullying which was really popular.                                                        

Drop in sessions: We hold regular drop in sessions where two Anti-Bullying Ambassadors sit in a room at break and students can come and talk to us about their worries. People in school now know who to talk to if they are being bullied.'

Caistor Yarborough Academy

'Bully box: We have 4 bully boxes dotted around the school which get checked at the end of each week. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors work with the person to come up with a solution and sort the problem out. If they can't sort it they ask a teacher.                               

The Cuboid drop in: Every Wednesday we hold a drop in session in a place The Cuboid where people can come and talk to us about their problems.                        

Peer mentors: All Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are also peer mentors. There are over 25 peer mentors in the school. They team up with someone who is younger than them and meet with them every Thursday. So far the peer mentors feel that they have helped students feel safe in their schools.

House Anti-Bullying poetry competition: We held an Anti-Bullying poetry competition between our different house groups. The competition entries were really strong!

Herman cake: The staff all made a Herman Cake to symbolise friendship between staff leaders.'

One entry for the school's Anti-Bullying poetry competition

One entry for the school's Anti-Bullying poetry competition

Outwood Academy Portland

Year 7 Assemblies: The Ambassadors are planning year 7 assemblies to introduce the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors within school and target training the year 7's in particular.

Mentoring The Ambassadors: The school is pairing year 7s with Anti-Bullying Ambassadors so that each young person has a mentor and feels safe in school.

Website Support Page: A staff member is working on a support page on the school’s website which has advice for parents on what to do if their child is bullied.

Waterloo Primary School

Playground Patrols: Ambassadors go on playground patrols to check if their peers are being nice to each other. They also have a buddy bench where a few Ambassadors sit and peers can join if they are feeling lonely or have no one to play with.

Random Acts of Kindness: The Ambassadors plan to give out daffodils around the school to cheer staff and students up. They reported that this has worked very well in the past.

Spreading the Anti-Bullying message: The Ambassadors reported that their lovely team member Annie who is in Year 5 has moved schools. However in her new school Annie met with her Head Teacher to ask if she could help set up Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in the school.

Further training: Many of the school’s current Ambassadors are Year 6s and so will be moving to Secondary School in September. Sarah is keen to train a new group of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors with us so the school can carry on their great work.

Sarah Maciver (Deputy Head Teacher) expressed how proud she was of her Anti-Bullying team. She reported how they have great understanding of how to tackle bullying and are working to prevent it by supporting their peers and promoting positive behaviour in the school through intiaties like smile and compliment days.