Schools' Anti-Bullying work from Feedback Friday 28th March

Every month the Anti-Bullying Ambassador team have the very lovely task of spending the day on the phone chatting to schools to find out about their Anti-Bullying work and provide support where necessary. We like to call this day Feedback Friday.  The next Feedback Friday is the 23rd May so make sure you and your Ambassadors give us a call! Read about what the schools we talked to on Friday 28th March have been up to..

Brimington Junior School,  Chesterfield

Brimington’s Buddies hold fortnightly meetings to action plan and do team building activities. Brimington Buddies wear blue hi-vis vests and do playground patrols in twos. During National Anti-Bullying week the Buddies did some of the activities learnt at the training day with their peers, including helping them to identify who their support networks are. They also ran a circle time session with whole classes to educate them about what to do if they are being bullied. Year groups did their own projects during National Anti-Bullying week including drama/role play, friendship tree, a rap and comic strips. The Buddies have also set up a Friendship Bench on which each pupil wrote key messages about bullying. The Buddies have identified areas they feel unsafe in in the school and staff are ensuring they patrol these areas more frequently. To help raise awareness of bullying to parents the Buddies have created an advert and are making a leaflet for parents/guardians on what bullying can look like etc. Brimington is working with a local Anti-Bullying Ambassador Secondary School, Springwell to ease the transition for Year 6’s when they move to Year 7.

Bedford Girls School, Bedford

The school signed up to the training as this was a great initiative they wanted the school to be involved in and as the biggest school in Bedfordshire they wanted to host to make sure that their neighbouring schools could participate in the programme. Since being trained, the ABAs have gone on to form a committee which meets monthly. One of the most successful Anti-Bulling activities has been to create an Anti-Bullying charter called ‘Stamp Out Bullying’. To agree to the charter everyone signed a footprint to commit to stopping bullying and the footprints were stuck around the school as a reminder. The school have also done a lot of work around cyber bullying as they feel that this is a growing issue.

Stantonbury Campus Secondary School, Milton Keynes

Stantonbury School in Milton Keynes introduced their new Ambassadors by holding assemblies after the training event. They also did activities with the teachers and students in their class to share what they learnt at the training. After realising that many of their peers had social media accounts despite being underage Ambassadors educated their friends about staying safe online. The school has also set up an instant messaging service on the school computers which blocks certain words and can be monitored. The Ambassadors liked the idea from the training event of identifying areas on a map of the school which students feel safe and unsafe in. On the back of this the Ambassadors make sure that students in the playground are paired up and they make sure that students include everyone in games they play.

St Nicholas Primary School, Blackpool

St Nicholas school in Blackpool got involved after receiving an email from Ged McNally the Education Inclusion Consultant for Learning and Schools in Blackpool.  The school wanted to get involved as their students are passionate about the topic of bullying. Since being trained the students have done assemblies, run the school council and are designing Anti-Bullying posters.

Park View Community School, Sunderland

Park View signed up to the programme because they wanted to ensure that new Year 7s felt safe coming to the school and to make the transition period exciting and safe. They also use the Ambassadors as role models to new Year 7s. They have done a film about their Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to show new Year 7s what they get up to. Since being trained, the students have done what they call the AB Roadshow where the Ambassadors do assemblies in their school and local primary schools and run competitions. They have friendship benches in their school and are currently running a restorative justice programme. 

The Children's Coach youth group, Birmingham

Since being trained the Children’s Coach have really focussed on raising awareness of bullying and how to prevent it. They have also been involved in a lot of campaigns around bullying.

Hevingham Primary School, Norwich

After the Anti-Bullying training the five young people who were trained, known as the ‘Bully Busters’ set up regular meetings. They created a bully box which is available for students to report incidences of bullying. They have distributed questionnaires to the whole school, and held assemblies to raise awareness of bullying

Inkersall Primary School, Chesterfield

Inkersall attended the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training to raise the profile of Anti-Bullying work in their school and get young people involved more in tacking bullying in the school. The Ambassadors made a friendship tree with the whole school and added blue ribbons to the tree to represent their support against bullying. A few incidences of cyberbullying on X-Box and Facebook have been reported so the Ambassadors have used this as a focus of one assembly on cyberbullying. One Ambassador has also joined the school’s Student Council to represent the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Queensborough Primary School, Kent

Since being trained, Queensborough Primary in Kent felt it was important to hold assemblies to help raise awareness of bullying and to inform the other students about what they had learnt from the training day. The Ambassadors also put together a bully board where they have listed celebrities who have been bullied. The Ambassadors particularly enjoyed the activity at the event which used creases in a piece of paper to represent the impact of bullying and so went into classrooms to do this exercise with different year groups. The Ambassadors have lots of plans including running assemblies for parents to teach about bullying.