Youth Board member Tayla's Anti-Bullying Journey

Tayla is 16 and goes to school in Devon. Her school received training from the Anti-Bullying Ambassador team in September 2012. After being a valued and pro-active member of her school's Anti-Bullying team her staff member nominated her for the National Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Board in June 2013. Since joining the Youth Board Tayla has attended a meeting in London, attended our National Anti-Bullying Week event, run a diversity evening at her school, helped run one of our training events, visited Facebook's Headquarters in Dublin to learn about e-safety and delivered sessions to her peers on how to stay safe online. She tells us about her Anti-Bullying journey from September 2012 to today......

"Since joining the Anti-Bullying programme in September 2012 my whole view on the world of bullying has changed. I knew bullying existed because it happened to me, yet I always felt like I was the only one that had ever been bullied. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying team helped me realise that there was thousands of others out there in the UK that had suffered the same and even worse pain that I had felt, and that something needed to change, quickly. I gained such a wide variety of knowledge on bullying and it just keeps growing.

 Being involved in such a positive team in school helped me to gain confidence and I was able to not only speak in front of my year, but older and younger years where it then progressed to teachers, parents and large crowds during events at school. 

The Youth Board is helping me in the same way that my school helped, my confidence keeps growing and its all down to everyone on the Youth Board, the Diana Award staff and all the people that are involved with it in general! I can now confidently lead a meeting and arrange and hold large events, but I know I wouldn’t have been able to if it weren’t for the support I've received being on the Youth Board! Also working so closely with such an amazing group of like minded, passionate young people has made me realise that in the future I would love to work for The Diana Award, and if i’m lucky enough in with The Anti-Bullying Programme as it is so inspirational to see how they’re changing the lives of Youths in the UK!!"

Watch what Tayla got up to and learnt with the rest of the Youth Board when they visited Facebook's European Headquarters in Dublin.