Twitter have introduced a new feature called “mute”

What is the new mute feature?

Mute gives users another way to control what they see on Twitter by removing a user’s content from key parts of their Twitter experience, without alerting the user to any change. Twitter provides many ways for people to customize their experience, like controlling who tags you in photos, or turning on notifications for your favourite accounts. Mute is another way for users to make their Twitter experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Muting a user removes their Tweets and RTs from your timeline and their interactions with you from your push notifications; it does not block them from following you or you from following them. You can still see their engagement with your Tweets in your notifications timeline, and they can send you a direct message if you follow each other.

Some highlights about Mute:

·   Muted users can follow you and interact with your content.

·   You can follow a user you’ve muted. Muting a user will not cause you to unfollow them.

·  @ replies and @ mentions from muted users you follow will still appear in your Notifications tab.

·  Muted users you follow can still send you a direct message.

· When you mute a user, their previous Tweets will still be displayed; only Tweets from the point you muted them will be hidden.

How to mute someone?

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