2014 Primary Showcase Event at Barclays

On Tuesday 17th June four Primary Schools and 50 excited Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from across England came together at Barclays Headquarters in Canary Wharf for our Primary Showcase Event.  Our Showcase Event recognises and celebrates the work of some fantastic schools we have selected that have been doing some outstanding Anti-Bullying work since being trained by us. We visit all schools who are selected for our Showcase Event and create a video of their Anti-Bullying work which is then shown at the event and put on our website.

All of the 50 Ambassadors who attended the event were presented with a Diana Award for all of their Anti-Bullying efforts. The Diana Awards were presented to the young people by some very special guests including Britain’s Got Talent Star Bailey McConnell, CBBC star and Actress Dani Harmer and Eastender’s star and actor Tony Discipline.

barclays 1.jpg

The four schools who attended included Brimington Junior School from Chesterfield, Leighton Academy from Crewe, Burton Primary School from Christchurch and Lidget Green from Bradford.

Brimington have done a lot of work around making sure that when from infants move to junior school they are safe and looked after. Ambassadors have gone into the feeder infant school to teach them about what bullying is and how they can report it. At school the Ambassadors have weekly meetings where issues arising are discussed and there is a focused meeting fortnightly where the team have taken on many tasks including; designing a parent leaflet, making posters, identifying safe and unsafe places in the playground, making an Anti-Bullying advert, meeting with the school council and making anti-bullying pledges.

Watch Brimington's video here.

Brimington Junior School Diana Award.jpg

The Ambassadors from Leighton believe that young people should be taught about cyber safety from an early age. They have done a lot of work around staying safe online in the school including looking at what students can do if they receive nasty comments online. The Ambassadors are on hand during break and lunch times if anyone has any problems. There are have worry boxes around school if any students want to anonymously report a problem. The school are also working with the local radio station and the Ambassadors have a monthly slot where they do a clip around their activities or bullying advice.

Watch Leighton's video here.

Being a very diverse school with many different cultures, the Ambassadors at Lidget Green have done a lot of work around celebrating difference. The Ambassadors recently led on a whole school Anti-Bullying march around the local school and community to raise awareness of bullying. 

Watch Lidget Green's video here.

Lidget Green Primary School Diana Award.jpg

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Burton Primary School have worked hard to tackle low level friendship issues at school and have also worked very hard to raise awareness of bullying and to also celebrate those pupils who are a good friend. The Ambassadors reward good behaviour with smiley stickers and in the school’s Friday Achievement assembly. 

Watch Burton's video here.

The day was a fantastic event and the talent were blown away with how these young people are improving school life for future generations. Thank you to all Ambassadors, staff and special guests who travelled to London and made it such a special event!

We're looking forward to our Secondary Showcase event which is happening on the 2nd July at Facebook's Headquarters.