Bars and Melody


Leondre & Charlie - Bars and Melody

rap/singing duo


1. What is your school like?

Charlie: My school is a small athlete and performing arts collage with some amazing and talented people who are very supportive of what I do its a very small school everyone is so friendly.

Leondre: My school is mixed, it only has 300 pupils. 


2. What is your favourite memory of school so far?

Charlie:  There isn't any specific memories I just enjoy being with my friends. 

Leondre: When I got an A* in maths. 


3. How has your school experience so far influence/help your career?

Charlie: My teachers are very supportive and help me in anyway possible. 

Leondre: I love my school they are very supportive teachers always help me to catch up on school work.


4. Were you bullied at school? If so how did you overcome this?

Charlie:  No I wasn't but I witnessed it a lot and thought it was wrong and tried as much as possible to help the victims. 

Leondre: I was bullied through school my escape was music  I also wrote raps to help me get my frustrations out I also had lots of support from my family. 


5. What is your favourite school subject?

Charlie:  My favourite subject is drama as I love to act. 

Leondre: I love math, history & RE.  


6. What do you look forward to when you go back to school after the holidays? What advice would you give to young people who are going back to school after the holidays?

Charlie:  I moved school shortly after so I was quite scared but everyone in my new school is so friendly.

Leondre:  When I go back to school I am most excited about seeing my friends and teachers I also feel privileged to be in school as some children around the world are less fortunate. 


7. Was there anything you worried about when you went back to school after the holidays? How did you overcome this?

Charlie:  I was a bit worried about my new school but it was such a nice school there was nothing to worry about. 

Leondre: I was worried people treating me differently after I came off BGT my new school are so nice. 


8. What is your favourite school meal?

Charlie: Chicken and pasta is a top meal in our school. 

Leondre: Pizza / Manwich :) 


9. If you could start school again or change something about school, what would it be?

Charlie: My attitude towards my learning I wish I had concentrated more on my earlier years as I now realise how important learning is and I try to do anything possible to excel in my learning. 

Leondre: Make dinner times longer. 


10. What advice would you give to anyone who is worried about going back to school because of bullying issues?

Charlie:  Keep your head high and let no one put you down as long as u succeed no one can bring you down. 

Leondre:  Tell your parents they helped me so much they can tell the school.