Vogue William

Vogue Williams

Model & DJ


1. What was your school like?

My school was an all girls school,it was a Dominican school so we had some nuns teaching us.

2. What is your favourite memory from school?

Just going into my friends everyday,looking back now on all the notes we used to write each other is hilarious.

3. How did your school experience influence/help your career?

I think all my teachers were really great they showed me what hard work was and it taught me to work hard as an adult.

4. What was your favourite school subject?

Art, my auntie was my art teacher and even though I probably drove her mad I loved her class.

5. What did you look forward to when you went back to school after the holidays? What advice would you give to young people who are going back to school after the holidays?

I always loved getting my new bag and pencil case!!it was great getting to see your friends again and to people going back I think they should enjoy every minute it's the last years of your life you can get away without much responsibility!

6. Was there anything you worried about when you went back to school after the holidays? How did you overcome this?

I would worry about how hard a class would be and how I could improve my grades but I would just try and focus more and not worry too much

7. What was your favourite school meal?

We used to bring our own lunch in and I'd always have a bag of dry cereal to eat,I still love eating cereal from the box today!

8. If you had to do school again what would you change?

I would maybe behave a bit better.

9. What advice would you give to anyone who is worried about going back to school because of bullying issues?

Don't be afraid to tell someone,you need to get help off someone to make the bullies stop. Don't let bullies ruin your school years they'll be some of the best years of your life.