We're tackling bullying across Europe through the ENABLE project

We are very excited to announce that we are part of a project called ENABLE which is aiming to tackle bullying not just in the UK, but across Europe! Through the Diana Award's Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme we have trained over 15,000 young people to actively take a stand against bullying in their schools and communities. We're looking forward to taking the anti-bullying message EU wide through this project.

The Project

The ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments) project is a two year anti-bullying project funded by the European Commission. By September 2016 the project aims to provide schools (direct: 30, indirect: 200 000), teachers (direct: 1500, indirect: 2 million), parents (direct: 7000, indirect: 10 million) and young people (direct 4000 including 1000 ‘at risk’, indirect: more than 6 million) aged 11 to 14, with the training and resources to tackle bullying in their schools. ENABLE will be working with parents, staff and young people in Greece, Denmark, the UK, Croatia and Belgium!

The Partners

There are a total of 6 partners from the 5 countries bringing their knowledge and expertise to the project. The project will also work with a ThinkTank of 10 experts. The European partners include: 

What will the project do?

1) Research effective anti-bullying practices in the 5 countries involved

2) Research the prevalence of bullying in each of the 5 countries

3) Create an accessible book on bullying and anti-bullying practices

4) Design training and resources which help young people to reflect on their own and others' behaviour, set up peer mentoring schemes in their school and help them understand what bullying is and how they can stop it. 

5) Provide teachers with SEAL training and modules which fit into the curriculum and help them support young people to develop social, emotional and behavioural skills and set up an effective peer mentoring scheme. 

6) Training materials and training for helplines and school psychologists

7) Work with parents to train them on bullying issues and how they can support their child. 

8) Hold an EU wide hackathon to develop tools which encourage young people to reflect on and counter bullying.

What is our role in the project?

1) To work with pilot schools and focus groups to help design effective anti-bullying tools, training and resources.

2) Give young people the training, resources and skills to effectively tackle bullying in their schools and allow them to be peer trainers.

3) Train school staff in peer training and give them the resources and tools to support a student peer to peer anti-bullying scheme in their school.

4)Train parents in peer training and how they can keep their child safe, both online and offline. 

We will be working closely with our other UK partner South West Grid For Learning on the above. 

You can help us with this project too...

You can find our more about the ENABLE project here.

Stay tuned to hear our progress!

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