Get involved in our world-wide hackathon!

Are you interested in coding and creating apps? Do you want to use your skills to help reduce bullying among young people? Do you fancy learning from some of the best in the tech industry?  If the answer is YES, make sure you get involved in the ENABLE hackathon and you could win the chance to come and present your idea at an event in London!

The ENABLE Hackathon is looking for young people aged between 9 and 17 to work in teams to design an app or tool which will help reduce bullying among young people through encouraging positive behaviour and helping people to reflect on their own behaviour. All ideas will be submitted in September and the winning ideas and team will be selected to present their idea during Ecoding week in October at an event in London. There are also some cool prizes up for grabs!

Who can enter?

All of the members in the team need to be aged between 9 and 17 and we recommend having a mix of ages within this group. The team ideally needs to have between 2 and 5 members. The members don’t need to be made of people from the same school, you have may have friends outside of school who want to form a team with you.

What are the judging panel looking for?

There are no categories for judging so you could use technology in any way eg, create a video, presentation, idea for an app. The panel will be judging the idea on:

- How useful is the tool you have created? 

- How innovative and creative is your idea? Is it a brand new idea or has it been done before?

- Will your tool really help reduce bullying?

What is the role of the Mentor?

Each group will be allocated a Mentor who will be an adult from the tech industry. Mentors will include adults from Orange, Facebook and other tech companies. The Mentor will use their knowledge to help you develop your idea.

How will our group meet the Mentor?

In July we will hold an online meeting with all groups and Mentors where you can discuss your ideas and ask us any questions. 

When is the deadline to submit our team's idea?

You will need to send us your entries by 27th September 2015. 

How do I enter a Team?

  • Register your team by the end of August with no less than 1 and no more than 4 of your friends, using Section 2 of the registration form here: ENABLE registration form If you need help with filling out the form please email:
  • Choose a mentor, or let us choose one for you.
  • Meet your mentor online to discuss bullying and define your project to create an app, video or any other tool to prevent and/or combat bullying.
  • Work on your creation over summer.
  • Meet your mentor again online in September to check your progress.
  • Submit your creation to with a short description by 27 September, 2015 before 23.00 CET
  • Receive an ENABLE Certificate of Participation and… If your creation is one of the best, get ready to join us in London to celebrate EU Code week (10-14 October 2015)!

Check out this page to find out what ENABLE is all about: What is ENABLE?