Twist and Pulse

Twist and pulse

Dance DUO


1. What school did you go to?

Twist - I went to Bexley Business Academy (Secondary) in Thamesmead, in was a mixed school  

Pulse - I went to Forest hill boys school in forest hill, south east London. It was an all boys school

2. What is your favourite memory of school?

Twist - My favourite memory of school was performing for the whole school at the end of year assembly, the teachers couldn't believe it!

Pulse - My favourite memory was when we got to go to Laban Dance centre for a week of dance! no normal lessons :D

3. How did your school experience influence/help your career?

Twist - It helped me find out what i actually wanted to be when i was a grown-up. Having my friends around me that believed and supported my talent.

Pulse - In school dance was just coming in and we were able to take after school classes in various styles of dance, from contemporary to African.

4. Tell us about your experience of bullying at school?

Twist - Well... Dancing wasn't the most macho activity to do back when i started secondary school. I always got nasty comments to begin with, the typical "Dancing is for girls" "If you dance then you must be gay" "Boys play football, they don't do girly dancing" This automatically made me feel sad and nervous. I learned to deal with the comments for a while until they saw me and a few other friends perform in assembly. They literally thought i was Michael Jackson, it was hilarious. The comments stopped straight away and boys dancing was the next coolest trend!

Pulse - Dancing was frowned upon due to it being a girly thing. As a boys school it was all about football or rapping. Things were quiet hard at first but as we begun learning moves from music videos and tv, people started to like it. Over time more boys joined in and it became quite fashionable in school.

5. What was the lowest/worst part of the bullying?

Twist - Feeling isolated because i was a dancer

Pulse - The worst part was feeling like you had to hide, we used to put paper over the door window so people couldn’t see in whilst we practised at lunch times.

6. Were you bullied at school? If so how did you overcome this?

Twist - I know there are much more serious bullying matters out there so mine was nothing compared to some of the horrific experieces i have been told. Yes i was bullied, name calling to hurt someones feelings IS bullying and it is not nice to make someone feel belittled.

Pulse - I can’t say i was bullied, but as a boys school there were constant fights and name calling and you had to have a thick skin an protect yourself. I made sure i had good friends around me and stuck with people who cared for me and didn’t want to cause trouble.

7. What was your favourite school subject?

Twist - P.E and Drama, i had so much energy i needed to release lol

Pulse - Drama and graphics were my favourite as they were creative and allowed me to come up with different ideas.

8. What did you look forward to when you went back to school after the holidays? What advice would you give to young people who are going back to school after the holidays?

Twist - I LOVED seeing my friends & teachers again. You learn and create some of your best child hood memories at school, it truly is an incredible experience that you only get once so make sure you enjoy it and surround yourself with the ones that care for you

Pulse - The best part of going back to school was seeing my friends and catching up on all the things we had been up to. Once your back you have the chance to stay on top of your homework and have a fresh start so use it.

9. What was your favourite school meal?!

Twist - OMG FRIDAYS! we used to have pizza on Friday's I LOVE PIZZA! 

Pulse - My favourite meal was these amazing sausage rolls the ice cream van used to sell.

10. If you had to go back to school again what would you change?

Twist - I would work harder and remember the teachers are there to benefit me

Pulse - If I went back now I would try and get more people involved with dance.

11. What is your back to school advice to any young people worrying about going back to school because of bullying? Top tips/how to overcome/what to do.

Twist - The best thing YOU can do is TELL SOMEBODY! You really need to express how you're feeling to others, your parents, a family member, friends? They will TOTALLY understand and will be willing to help you as much as they can. You can never resolve anything until you tell someone. Believe in yourself, remember you are AMAZING ;)

Pulse- Tell someone, your teachers are there to help. Keep great friends around you and enjoy yourself, just have fun an do the things you like.

12. What difference would an Anti-Bullying Ambassador have made?

Twist - This would have made a HUGE difference, it was such a great idea knowing that you can talk to somebody you can trust in your school and help you in your situation

Pulse - It would have been amazing, and help people around me struggling. Also people that would have wanted to dance, maybe didn’t and having a support person like that around would of helped peoples confidence.

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