Opera singer stands up to bullying through music

"Hello, I’m Rachel. I’m a singer and songwriter from Bristol and this is a little blog about how I wanted to help the Diana Award with their anti bullying campaign.

I composed the anti bullying song, Body on Mute in 2013. I was inspired to write it after one of my vocal students stopped coming to singing lessons because he was being bullied at school. As a result of the bullying, he also gave up taking part in sports, the arts and every extra curricular activity. The bullies were making him into a ghost of himself, and it was very painful to see a talented young man suffer, and decline any offers of help.

All my life I have stood up to bullies, and have never tolerated bullying in any musical or youth group with which I have been involved. As a teenager, I stopped a boy being bullied on our school bus. It didn’t feel like I did much, and I barely recall the event at all. However, I have recently learned that the boy in question has remembered my intervention on the school bus, and often speaks of how it helped him.

As someone who wouldn’t stand for bullying, it was very difficult for me to watch my former singing student suffer and fade into a lesser version of himself. I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t do anything to help him, but realised I could speak out against bullying through music.

The idea of bullies draining the life and joy out of their victims kept playing on my mind, so I began to write a song with this theme called Body on Mute. I later performed this ion New York and Dublin.

I have always supported The Diana Award due to their dedication to engaging young people in social action. When they launched The Anti Bullying Ambassadors and began to train thousands of young people in schools, I knew I wanted to help them in some way. Therefore, I offered for all the profits from sales of Body On Mute to go to their charity, to help them continue their fantastic work. I hope you like the song!"