Downham Market Academy's - Anti-Bullying Programme "Student Voice"

After receiving their Anti-Bullying training, Downham Market Academy exploded with ideas and have been transforming their school!  

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We received an inspiring email from Phoebe Wright (Student Voice Captain) telling us about their positive work...

The students at Downham Market Academy have raised their voice and made a proactive stand against bullying. After their Anti-Bullying Ambassador training, they were over-flowing with ideas that came to fruition during Anti-Bullying week. Their ideas included- writing a catchy song and producing a fun video, a positive post-it wall and a “Banter or Bullying” quiz. This quiz made the students think about the way in which they speak to others and the consequences of going too far. 

Phoebe wrote “We felt that our ‘Banter or Bullying’ quiz was important, as often the line isn't clear between the two. One of our team members created a PowerPoint which displayed random and made-up situations (school and online) that showed either banter or bullying. The students were then asked which they thought it was.”

All of these activities generated a positive environment. It also gave the students a chance to get to know their Anti-Bullying Ambassadors better!

Phoebe wrote “Overall, we had a very successful Anti-Bullying week and hope to have the same success in future events. All these ideas were team efforts and could not have been achieved without the members and leaders of the Student Voice."