Kirk Hallam Community Academy - Standing out in red!

Anti-Bullying Ambassador's at Kirk Hallam Community Academy stand out in their red ties. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are easily identified by other students and make a stand against bullying in their school.

Since completing the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training, the students have gone on to train around 20 more Ambassadors. They also run an Anti-Bullying room which is open at during lunch times, it's a place where students can go to speak to someone  if they are being bullied. 

Kirk Hallam Community Academy have a school guide to Anti-Bullying, and they say "we are always here if you need to talk to someone. We are here to support you, and to help you deal with your individual situation. No problem is too small, whatever your worry is, come and speak to us. Our Ambassadors have been trained to deal specifically with all types of bullying, offering advice and support."

They also ran a Anti-Bullying poster competition across the school, and the winning poster was made into the school desktop, in order to raise awareness.

Winning poster designed by Sophie   Keenan

Winning poster designed by Sophie Keenan

To add to the already amazing work that the school have been doing, they have also...

  • Visited a local primary school to talk about the role of an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, talked about the different types of bullying and how they can deal with it.
  • Ran assemblies for the whole school to raise awareness. 
  • Are in the process of producing a variety of notice boards around school which celebrate diversity and difference, hoping that this will promote tolerance among students.

Well done Kirk Hallam Community Academy for standing out!