The National Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Boards Final Meeting - 25th April 2015

On Saturday the 25th April, the National Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Board had their final meeting. The 2014/15 National Youth Board have served out a year and met together to share the highlights of their journey on the Youth Board. 

“My knowledge has grown and i know how to stay safe online. My confidence has grown and I now can talk in front of thousands of people!” Lewis

Meet our 2014/15 National Youth Board...

The Youth Board meeting was held at The Platform near Findsbury Park (London), which meant that most of the Youth Board had a very early start and hours on the train. But when they arrived at the venue there was a sense of excitement and there was not a tried eye to be seen.

The day was packed with different sessions, activities and were weaved together with the Youth Board giving short talks about their work . After every talk by a Youth Board member, everyone gave them a post it with a positive comment on. 

“My confidence has rocketed! I feel so much more empowered to make a difference!” Sam
“I have become more determined to succeed!”

The day looked like this...

Session 1: How to stay Strong!

Session 2: Using Social Media Effectively

Session 3: Enable - reaching worldwide 

Lunch:  Piri Piri Chicken calling! 

Session 4: Effective Public Speaking

Session 5: Life after the Youth Board!

“I have changed in so many ways for the better!”

The Youth Board shared about how the Anti-Bullying ambassador Programme was positively changing their schools. They had also been making a difference in their communities and spreading the word!

Watch Lydia's Vlog of the day...

The National Youth Board have been on so many trip and been to lots of events. This has been a life changing experience and their confidence has greatly increased! The youth Board have met so many different people and shared their stories and taught others how to stay safe, promote positivity and why it's important to look after one another and be kind!  

We would like to thank all of the 2014/15 National Youth Board Members for all their hard work. We are so proud of you and are very excited to see what you do next!