National Youth Board - visit Facebook's European HQ in Dublin

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme believes staying safe on and offline is important. Facebook is one of our safety partners and we work together to address issues of safety and bullying. 

On Thursday 15th January 2015, six of our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Board members landed in a chilled Dublin. On Friday we were all up early to start our day’s adventure at Facebook’s European headquarters. We also had another four students from Ireland join us and Ambassadors from all over the UK were united. The aim of the day was to learn how to keep safe whilst using Facebook and Instagram.

“Today I'm off to Dublin, Ireland with members of the National Anti-Bullying Youth Board! Then tomorrow we visit Facebook's European Headquarters to learn about their e-safety features in place for users. I will be vlogging throughout my trip and you'll see the edited video later this month!” Lydia 

Had an absolutely awesome day with the Anti-Bullying Program, many thanks to Facebook and the Anti-Bullying team for the great day as well as the rest of the team. Enjoyed learning how to stay safe so much and it was just great! Lewis

Friday 16th January

“Early morning wake up. Getting ready for a great day at Facebook HQ and evening of fun later.” Laura

Kyra wrote… The second day into our trip was by far the best of the three days as we got to spend the whole day at Facebook's European Headquarters which was super cool; we even got to eat breakfast there for free! After piling up our plates with an unnecessary amount of food we headed up to a conference room where we met four other ABAs from Ireland. Once we had settled in and got to know the other young people we had a packed morning learning all about Facebook's safety features - this was my favourite part as I am now able to tell everyone at school how to stay safe online! 

Sam wrote… The Facebook Safety team first started showing us the many tools that Facebook has to offer to keep their users safe online. This included; Social Reporting, The Bullying Prevention Hub, The Support Dashboard, Privacy Shortcuts and how to report on Facebook. The team made it really easy to understand and I learnt loads myself that I will be taking back to my school to give 5 assemblies to my peers.

Kyra wrote… Next was the much anticipated debate "Do you have the right to be insulting online?" which took up a large chunk of the afternoon as many of us changed sides. The debate was also a highlight of mine as I am quite opinionated and it was funny to see everyone get so worked up when someone counteracted their argument. Finally, we worked in groups to put together a PowerPoint on what we had learned that day and then presented them to the rest of the group and staff at Facebook. During our presentations we were each taken out to film parts of the video documenting our day. We finished the day with a little Q and A session and then a tour around Facebook as well as stocking up on even more food and drinks! 

Sam wrote… After that, we went for a tour round Facebook AMAZING HQ! The architecture was amazing. After having a few photos (and selfies) next to some awesome artwork, we went to have a further look around. Can you imagine…

  • Vending Machines with Keyboards and IPhone’s in
  • Staff playing Nerf guns in their spare time
  • Free sweet and snack shops (We went a bit wild on the sweets ;))

What I learnt at Facebook was so valuable and I wish to thank to Facebook for the Opportunity. I also wish to thank the Diana Award for making the whole thing possible.

Watch what we got up to at Facebook...

Watch Lydia's (Youth Board Member) Vlog...

Thank you Facebook for a great day, we learnt so much and we can't wait to

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