Fantastic on Facebook? Tasty at Twitter? Amazing at ASKfm?

Then we need you IRL!

We're hosting an exciting day talking about social networks, cyberbullying, online anonymity plus much more. If you're interested in volunteering and are able to say yes to all the things below then please get in touch.

* Be between 13 and 18
* Live in London or surrounding areas 
* Use Social Networks (FB, Twitter, Instagram, ASKfm... etc)
* Have your parents or guardians permission to attend/be part of this
* Be available in the February Half Term (15th - 19th February)

Please complete the form below as much as possible and we'll be in touch!

Name *
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Which social media platforms do you use?
By this we mean, not had a profile picture, indentity or real name
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Parent / Guardian Name
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