What our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors @ Newton Abbot College have been up to...

Netwon Abbot College Anti-Bullying Team

Netwon Abbot College Anti-Bullying Team

What have you been up to as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors?

My name is Lewis Breslan, a Year 11 Prefect, and I am a part of the Anti-Bullying Team at Newton Abbot College. Each year, in November, the Anti-Bullying team host a week of assemblies to the rest of the college to the four Houses.

Every student across the College attends assembly each week; this is best possible platform we can use to discuss issues to do with bullying, the types of bullying that can occur and how to report it.  This is a particularly good way of presenting the College’s ethos to newer and younger students. We also discuss the impact of by-standing, and what can be done to prevent this from happening in our College. The assemblies involve a diverse range of student involvement, from poetry, to soundscapes, drama to music – it is a fantastic way to get a large number of students involved in such an important issue and really bring it to life in a fun, yet sometimes hard-hitting, way.  

Work continues on from Anti-Bullying week and throughout the academic year. One of the main projects that I have been involved in is designing posters for the toilet cubicles in and around College, containing information primarily about what was covered in the assemblies as well as internet safety and how to use the College privacy button to inform someone of any worries you might have. We decided that, similar to those in the motorway services, these posters would be best placed in the toilets, as they are privately accessed yet highly visible.

We also meet weekly with the Anti-Bullying Team and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this extremely important group. I feel it has helped develop me as a person, and it has really opened my eyes to bullying in all its forms and what can be done to help those who are being bullied. I would strongly advise anyone who wants to make a positive change in their local area or College to join their Anti-Bullying Team and help make a real difference.

- Lewis Breslan

My name is Leah Curtis, a Year 11 Prefect, and I am the Lead Ambassador for Newton Abbot College’s Anti-Bullying Team.  Since being elected leader by the other members of our team, I have been in charge of organising events to be held throughout the College year.  During Anti-Bullying week in November last year, I managed a group of students with the aim of promoting our anti-bullying ‘It’s time to say NO!’ pledges as well encouraging them to create their own oaths. 

As an Anti-Bullying Team we have been on training courses to expand our knowledge of bullying and the types that can occur; as well as our training with the Diana Award, we have also had training with Local Heroes (targeting hate crime) and Buddies training.  Many of our ambassadors are also Buddies and have undergone training to help students in other years and classes who may be struggling.  This means that once a week, or as often as needed, a Buddy will spend time with the student they are mentoring and talk or play games .  Through the course of the training the team of Buddies have to submit a form explaining their interests, hobbies and why they think they are suitable to become a Buddy. With these letters we have been able to appoint a student with a suitable Buddy who may share similar interests with them and help them where they can.

Fortunately, as a College, we were also given the chance to host the Diana Award last July.  This was a real eye-opening opportunity and we were able to meet many different schools that, like us, have been running an anti-bullying policy.  This was an interesting opportunity as we were able to interact with schools around the country and talk to them about the methods they use within their schools to stop bullying. 

As a team we meet weekly to discuss any upcoming events and any opportunities that we may be able to get involved with.  Becoming an anti-bullying ambassador has really opened doors for me and it means a lot to me that I have been able to share my experiences with other members of our team and the College as a whole.

- Leah Curtis