Silcoates School - Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Staff Champion

Rev. Doc. Janet Lees (School Chaplain) of Silcoates School in Wakefield was selected as one of our Regional Staff Champion for Yorkshire and the Humber. Janet and her Anti-Bullying Ambassadors share their good anti-bullying practice with us.

Silcoates School were trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors two years ago, after a young person attended a Diana Award event and came back to the school and said that the Anti-Bullying Ambassador work would benefit the school!

They began with a team in one year group and now we have teams throughout the school - all volunteers. They are there to offer friendship, advice and support. They also help run anti-bullying events across the school during the year. They have run Q&A’s, anti-bullying song workshops, e-mails to parents and students, an active Twitter account and esafety lessons for parents.  

News from Silcoates School’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador Web-page…

“In an extra junior chapel service this week, we heard from the anti-bullying team about their work.  Our Anti-Bullying Champions – Scarlet, Liyana, Eamon and Hugo (dressed here for Victorian Day) – answered questions from the children in Years 3-6 about their role, which led to an interesting discussion about the difference between teasing and bullying.  We agreed that teasing that upset someone or goes on for a while is best stopped.  If another person asks you to stop teasing then you should.  The team told us about some of the issues they sorted out – often disagreements between friends – and how passionate they are about what they do, even if it is not always easy.  We sang the anti- bullying song together and Daniel in Year 6 summed it up for us all when he said the anti-bullying champions were ‘awesome’!”

The Diana Awards Anti-Bullying team visited Silcoates School for their Regional Staff Champion Event...

 “Our Anti-Bullying team, along with visitors from several local schools, had a training day this week with the coaches and mentors from the Diana Award.  We learned some new ideas and polished up our skills through discussions and workshops.  Alex Grace (Year 11), our lead student for anti-bullying, gave a presentation about our team, and members of Years 5 and 6 sang their anti-bullying song.  Other team members welcomed those from visiting schools and spoke up about our current activities and our aspirations for the future.” Written by Louise Leach

Thank you Silcaotes School for sharing your good Anti-Bullying Ambassador practice with you!