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As part of our #Back2School campaign we quizzed girl group and X Factor 2015 finalists, Alien Uncovered about their time at school...

1. What was your favourite memory of school?

Nathalie: Hanging out and having fun with mates at theme parks such as Chessington & Thorpe Park: As well as going on road trips to see shows like Billy Elliot & Blood Brothers. They where the fun times I remember.

Madison: Sports day! Back then I was really athletic and used to compete for my county so I always used to do really well on sports days!

2. What was your favourite school subject?

Shae: Art, I took it at GCSE and really enjoyed it.

Yaz: Dance and drama

3. What was your favourite school meal?

Temple: Roast potatoes, lamb , Yorkshire pudding and veg, drowning in the finest gravey :)

Madison: Every Tuesday they used to do a chicken curry! We used to sit at a table right by where the diner ladies dished up the food so after everyone had ate sometimes we used to get free seconds! I loved it haha!

4. Were you bullied at school?

Shae: My first two years of school were the most difficult. Most of my friends from primary school went to a different secondary school, it was only myself and one other girl who went to the same secondary school and at the time we were quite close. We, naturally, hung around with each other a lot and therefore ended up making a lot of the same friends. I never really had a solid friendship group at first, I used to talk to lots of different people and hang around with different groups every lunch and break time. The group I was closest too was the group with the girl I used to go to school with but they wasn't very nice to me when I didn't choose to just hang around with them. They started to arrange things at the weekend and not include me, I stopped getting invites to their birthday parties, sleepovers etc and it was really upsetting for me. Luckily during this time I made friends with a group of girls who to this day I am still best friends with!

Nathalie: Being bullied at school was extremely hard for me. From the first day I walked in people kind of already knew who I was because they'd seen me in local newspapers from doing talent competitions but not winning them.  Then they'd start laughing and criticising me saying that I weren't good enough, you're never going to make it and telling me to just give up. You're just dreaming and it's all a fantasy that ain't gonna happen. Then to make it worse they'd force me to sing in front the school just to mock me, that's when id lost all hope and confidence in myself... I literally had no friends because every time I made some, they just stood and watched what was going on then start avoiding me coz they'd rather not be involved than stick up for me. I tried to make friends so I could feel less lonely and isolated but as I started creating some in the end they treated my like rubbish on the ground. There's not one day where I could come home with a smile on my face but instead I'd walk home depressed or crying. My prom was probably the icing on the cake.. The group of friends who I thought were close to me but weren't ended up ditching me 2 days before the prom. Saying "Sorry nat, you ain't coming in our limo no more lol.. There was never space for you in the first place so you can find your own way there. And make sure you don't come with the same colour dress as us, don't do the same hairstyle or have your make up done by the same artist yh, cool". That completely ruined my entire night and topped off my end of year, so I left that school with nothing but a scar.

5. What difference would an Anti-Bullying Ambassador made at school?
Shae: I think it's always difficult for people to come out and speak about their experiences, especially at the time it is happening, as they feel that no is able to help them and in fact things will just get worse if you ‘tell on someone’. A nominated anti-bullying ambassador in my school could have made a huge difference, as people would have felt they had someone to talk to about their problems and also help them tackle the issues! Bullying was ignored at my school, mostly because of the parents of the bullies, which was and is wrong! Bullying is wrong FULL STOP and people shouldn't be afraid to stand up and make a difference.

6. If you could go back to school now, what is one thing you would change?

Yaz: I would choose my friends better.

Temple: I would just tell myself that its going to be ok and just be strong. I wouldn't really change much because school taught me to be more independent and made me work on my dream even more. It made me strive harder for what I want to be.

7. What advice would you give to anyone who is worried about going back to school because of bullying?

Madison: Don't keep it to yourself. Tell anyone you feel comfortable with, a teacher, a friend, a parent. Don't suffer alone and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. It will never stop if you don't take the actions to make it stop.

Nathalie: First of all walk back in like you are not there to take any nonsense from no one. Be proud of who you are, make them feel like they shouldn't mess with you but give you respect. And if anyone was to still come and continue bullying then just walk away from the situation until they get bored.