Highfield Middle School-NORTH EAST Regional Staff Champion

Highfield Middle School's Catherine Haslam (Deputy Head) was selected to be of our 2015/16 Regional Staff Champions. Catherine and her Anti-Bullying Ambassadors share with us about the good practice.


Highfield Middle School's Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Highfield Middle School's Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are very proactive in their school. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are called 'Peer Supporters' and make sure they get alongside young people who are finding it hard to make friends within the school. 

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have a large board that informs young people who deal with bullying and who to speak to. The board lays out clearly what school what the school believes, advertise new positions that they recruiting for (such as Peer mentors) and has their Anti-Bullying Ambassador achievements on. 

Highfield has a 'Sorry' and a 'Bully' box which is regularly used by its students. Students place notes in the 'sorry' box with what they have done wrong and they are sorry for. They place note in the 'bully' box about incidents of bullying. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors check the box every week and try to help those who are in need of support.  

Sorry & Bully Box

Sorry & Bully Box

In 2012 Highfield Middle School was a Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Showcase School- watch their video!

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors run assemblies, use drama and art to educated their peers on bullying and the school regularly educates parents on online safety.  

Safety tips form Highfield website. 

Safety tips form Highfield website. 

Highfield Middle School has featured many times in local news papers and are well know for the resident Aunty Bully. Aunty Bully is a life size cut out, which is placed around the school where bullying incidents are taking place. Aunty Bully's presence has seen a decrease of Bullying in the school.

Aunty Bully with Catherine Haslam, Kieran Stanbridge & Sara Sherlock (From the Diana Award Team)

Aunty Bully with Catherine Haslam, Kieran Stanbridge & Sara Sherlock (From the Diana Award Team)

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying team visited Highfield on the 11th February for their Regional Staff Champion Sharing Good Practice event, a local newspaper the Hexham Courant wrote-

SCHOOLCHILDREN in East Tynedale have joined forces in their battle against bullying

Last week young anti-bullying ambassadors from Prudhoe’s Adderlane First School, Highfield Middle School and Walbottle Campus, met to share ideas.

The showcase event from the Diana Award’s national anti-bullying campaign was held at Prudhoe’s Highfield Middle School.

Representatives of the London-based charity visited the school to speak to the ambassadors and hear more about their work.

Highfield Middle School has been involved in the Diana Award scheme since 2011, training its team of young peer mentors as anti-bullying ambassadors.

And last year teacher, Catherine Haslam, was appointed North-East regional staff champion for the national Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme.

The event last Thursday saw pupils and teachers from the three schools share best practice and learn new tips and techniques.

Diana Award representative, Kieran Stanbridge, said: “This school does great work to tackle bullying.

“It is spot on in promoting equality and diversity and creating a positive environment for young people.

“Today is all about catching up with schools and anti-bullying ambassadors.

“They’re here to share good practice and educate each other on what they’re doing in their school to make it a safer environment.

“They’re sharing their ideas, what they’ve been up do and how they’re going to support the anti-bullying message even further.”