The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign Proud to Partner with Trutex


Trutex is the leading brand in school uniform across the UK today, and has been supplying quality clothing for 150 years. The Diana Award and Trutex launched their partnership at an Anti-Bullying Ambassadors training event in Rochdale on 2nd March 2017. Check out a video of the event below!

This new partnership between The Diana Award and Trutex which will see a number of similar activities taking place across the country in 2017 focussed on anti-bullying.

As part of the partnership Trutex has also launched #bTRU2u, an initiative to support The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign. See more at

Katy Hill, Trutex ambassador said: “As a parent I think today’s initiative is essential in raising awareness around the subject of bullying. The work that The Diana Award is doing is groundbreaking in terms of raising this issue with both pupils and teachers. I can’t think of another programme that empowers in such a positive way and addresses this problem that affects nearly one in three children in the UK.”

Matthew Easter, managing director Trutex said: “We’ve been making school uniforms for over 150 years and are very aware of the negative impact bullying can have. It is for this reason that we have decided to partner with The Diana Award and their significant commitment to helping students through training, mentoring and support programmes. Our newly launched anti-bullying initibTRU2u will help further support anti-bullying in our schools and communities.”

Tessy Ojo, CEO of The Diana Award said: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Trutex on this initiative. We know the positive and life-changing impact our anti-bullying programme has – it’s about giving young people the skills to regulate their own behaviour as well as giving them the responsibility for the wellbeing of their peers. This is a particularly special year for the Diana Award as, twenty years on, we celebrate her qualities of kindness, compassion and service. The young people being trained today will be putting these qualities into practical action.”