The Supercell Youth Board meet again!

by Chilli

I think it would be a good place to start to just mention how amazing it was seeing everyone again – including our board, Conor, Alex, Frankie and especially Jess from Supercell! Apart from making some awesome progress on resources and ideas for Supercell, it was generally nice to catch up again!


My day started all the way in Kent in which me and Henry caught (but nearly missed) the same high-speed train to London St Pancras. It was definitely nice to have a catch-up conversation, including topics like prom and the fact that Henry is coming to my school in September. We then met up with Ceri, Conor and Jess at Starbucks. A tube, a bus and a little walking later – we had reached Sam’s house in which we saw Frankie and the rest of the youth board – Alex joined us during lunchtime.


By now, it was already mid-day so we tucked into some food provided by Sam’s parents and I must say – it was delicious! The assortment of sausages, burgers, pizza, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, coleslaw, brownies, white chocolate, cake and watermelon was delectable – thank you again. It was very nice to catch up, but it wouldn’t be a Supercell Youth Board meeting without a big chicken conversation!


After the amazing food, we headed out into the garden. However, Conor had noticed some people (Henry and Jack) who were not wearing their supercell attire, so it was only fair to mildly ridicule them. They had to stand back to back and walk forward while someone shouted a vegetable and they had to act it out including movements and sound. It was rather funny to watch them pretending to be broccoli and aubergines!


To wake us from our food coma, we then did an acting activity in which we had to pretend to be machines. For our practice round we had to pretend to be a washing machine and for the actual rounds, we had to pretend to be items from Supercell games including a Tesla tower and landing craft – my team won!


Then onto some real work called issues bus! The idea behind it was to have two issues – and you had to walk to the side you believed in more. However, it wouldn’t be a Conor led activity if it wasn’t a bit random, so we had the bus noises and movements too – one round we even had our hands on each other’s shoulders pretending to have seatbelts!


The first one was a beginner round in which we had to decide between Clash of Clans and Clash Royale – I chose Royale because it is less commitment and requires little time. The next round was whether Royale should have emotes on all the time and not at all – I chose on as people need a space to express their happiness of winning. However, I was very persuaded by the argument that though they could be used in a positive manner – they are not and often used to ridicule beginner players which can make them feel down. The next round was between muting and reporting. I originally chose muting as it is quickly and simply out of your life, but I was quickly swayed by the report side. This is because, although there is a slightly lengthier process, it removes the disrespectful person for everyone, making the game nicer for all, rather than just yourself. The final issue was ‘Is scamming or bullying a bigger issue?’. It was quite interesting to see how people divided the meaning between how popular/regular it was or what has the larger impact. I personally chose bullying as it is more visible and often direct targeting to hurt people. However, those who chose scamming made a very valid point that most people you will never be in a server with them again and therefore it wouldn’t hurt you, but losing a great amount of money can cause great issues; just because it isn’t visible, it is a large issue.

After this, we took our time to generally catch up – we sat in a circle and discussed what we had done in the past 3 months. For most it was exams and stress to do with exams, or in Henry’s case – procrastination! On the other hand, Alex met the queen and Frankie and Conor met the Duke of Cambridge – how exciting! Jess had been doing a lot of negotiating with official contracts. She also told about a new moderator bot which is machine learning software, rather than black and white moderating, which would greatly improve gameplay.


We then took a break in which we all played football in Sam’s AstroTurf garden. I wasn’t too good at the penalty shootouts, but it was fun all the same. It was especially when Youcef lost his shoe through the football goal net!


We then were split of into groups to review potential Supercell resources for parents, teachers and children. Some of our comments on post-it notes included:

  • We believed that the resource for children has too basic language considering the target audience of Supercell games in 13+
  • With the resources for parent and child – we believed language such as lexicon and ubiquitous was too complex
  • Where there was the link for ChildLine, we believed there should be more international website/forum links on help for children
  • We believed there should be step to step tutorials on things such as muting and reporting
  • With the dictionary of internet acronyms – we believed the meanings were not as accurate as they could be


After this, we then had a mini discussion on what the definition of what bullying is. Overall, the answer was that it had to be repetitive and overtly direct.


We then had a discussion for future plans, other than doing a social media takeover on antibullying week. Our ideas included:

  • Supercell youth board Facebook page in which we could post links/videos/art etc. we made to promote antibullying through supercell games)
  • Interview Youth board/Jess for a video
  • Create YouTube videos/blog
  • Create Art based off antibullying tips in Supercell Games
  • Trending tag #
  • Work based on talents (promote antibullying through dance/art etc.)


We then sadly had to part of ways to get back home. A bus, a tube, walking and a couple of staring contests later – we reached St Pancras again. It was sad as always to say bye to Jess and Conor again – but overall it was an amazing day! Hopefully, we can continue to work together and work to defeat bullying in gaming.