The Diana Award Launches Crowdsourcing Identity Project


The Diana Award has launched a new set of resources in partnership with ASKfm and psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos which explores the impact of the online world on the development of identity.

Our research conducted with young people has revealed how online pressures to conform could be affecting their sense of self:

  • 63% of young people say people behave differently online to the way they do offline
  • Half (49%) of young people feel pressured to reply to people’s messages quickly
  • A quarter of young people (25%) feel they have to ‘like’ a post or picture that they don’t actually like

This online survey conducted amongst GB children, 13-17 years, suggests the amount of pressure teens face online at a critical time when they are exploring and developing their identity. Despite being able to talk to more people than ever before, online judgement and pressure to fit in with a vast online audience limits young people’s ability to be themselves online.

To help young people tackle this pressure to fit in online, The Diana Award has created this series of resources designed to encourage students to reflect on their online and offline identities:

Dr Linda Papadopoulos answers questions from young people and parents in a Q&A article and explores the psychology behind development of identity online in an interview with The Diana Award:

To find out more about the research behind this project click here.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos is an Internet Matters Ambassador.