Anti-Bullying Ambassador Ideas For A Chilli Christmas

Youth Board Member Chilli looks at how to use your leader's pack to make your anti-bullying christmas extra special!

Hello Everyone, I’m Chilli and I’m here to talk about some exciting things you can get up to in your school this December!

How about being super arty crafty this winter and make a compliment advent calendar for friends and family. Have you ever thought about creating a positive message for each day it’s opened? Well now it’s time; it’s your month to spread kindness and joy – What better way to make so many happy this Christmas, than making them motivated to wake with a smile each day. Its super easy and quick to make, but the positive impact will last a lifetime.

If that hasn’t ignited your Christmas spirit yet, then how about creating some uniquely designed Christmas decorations with your anti-bullying wishes. Christmas is the holiday for hope and cheer - what better thing to hope than to combat bullying for all! Now there’s something to cheer about! By designing your own unique decorations illustrates how we are all different in so many various ways, but by putting them all on the Christmas tree shows how we are all communitive in the topic of antibullying. Difference isn’t a negative thing, but instead allows us to come up with new hopes and dreams, to create inventive ideas to combat many types of bullying, that we face in our modern era.

If art and crafts are not your forte, how about doing something ‘sweet’ this season. It’s the little things people do, that mean the most to people. Why not buy some cheerful Christmas treats for your teachers and friends school. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a ‘sweet’ gesture. Be your school's selfless Santa!

Maybe you could even go above and beyond this year and make compliment gifts and comments for people you don’t know or don’t speak to often. There’s nothing better than knowing people, not only your friends, but people around the world/around your area, appreciate you for being you. Let’s go crackers! No… not literally – let’s make Christmas crackers to give out in your area (such as your town centre) to let people know they’re loved and people care about them. People deserve to know they are perfect just the way they are!

You could even spread your Christmas cheer to the wider community! Visiting local community and elderly groups, singing, eating, perhaps pulling a cracker or two, is a great way to create new bonds but also showing others you truly care. Knowing people consider and care about you can often be worth more value than a gift. Show somebody today, hopes, dreams, love and care are real! You can make a difference!

Why not make the perfect present this year and raise money to donate to help train more ambassadors this month? – you could change thousands of lives for the better. One way you could do this is fundraising in school – wear cute Christmas outfits as a way to raise money for charity by everyone paying a £1 for whoever wants to take part. Not only is money being raised for something incredible, wearing funky outfits is a great way to start fun conversations and create new friendships.

What are you waiting for? Go spread some festive cheer this year!