Back to School and staying safe on games with EthanGamer

Earlier this year we caught up with EthanGamer to find out about why he loves gaming and his tips for staying safe when playing online. He had some great advice as people across the country head back to school...

Why do you enjoy gaming so much?

It is like a whole new world out there that you can explore for hours on end and it is just really fun. You can play with friends on hundreds of different games or you can play solo. You can game on the go, at home, in bed even - wherever. There is also bound to be a game which suits you, there are so many to choose from, like platform games, role playing games, building games, obstacle courses and player vs player to name just a few.  

What are some of the challenges when it comes to gaming?

There can be many challenges when gaming, the main ones Ive noticed are cyber bullying, trolls and hackers

Cyber bullying is a cowardly thing, often people are bullying someone they don’t even know, choosing to say bad things hiding behind a screen. 

There are different types of trolls, ones that insult you and try to make you sad and loose confidence, some taunt you and try and make you do reckless things online and some just prank you in a bad way, they try to trap you in different games and trick you, and are just not nice to you.  

If you play a game and encounter a hacker and they win they aren’t really the winner, they cheat to win and cheating is not good. 

Is there anything that young people can do when they come across these challenges?

  • Be private 
  • Don't respond
  • Ignore them, they are trying to get you down, get a reaction - don’t let them have that satisfaction
  • Mute them
  • Screenshot it
  • Tell a trusted adult
  • Report them
  • Get them blocked 
  • Ban them

If you're a young person, parent or teen worried about something to do with gaming then you can find out more information about how to stay safe here:

If you want to find out more about EthanGamer and what he's up to then you can check out his YouTube channel where he posts about playing games and having fun.