The Diana Award's response to Department for Education peer support in mental wellbeing consultation

Children and young people’s mental health: peer support consultation

In March, the Department for Education launched a consultation to find out more about peer support as a way of supporting mental wellbeing. This was a result of young people explaining they would like to have more opportunities in providing peer support for mental wellbeing. The DfE wanted evidence to find out more about:

  • What works in peer support for children and young people’s mental wellbeing;
  • The approaches that are currently available; and
  • How things might be improved.

The Diana Award supports the development of young people through a range of peer-led programmes which aims to build character, develop skills and improves the life chances of young people. Our flagship peer support initiatives are: The Mentoring Programme and The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme.

As we strongly believe in the transformative effect of the ‘power of the peer’, we welcome the DfE’s call to evidence on peer support as a way of supporting mental wellbeing. In this consultation response, we draw upon our research, experiences, and expertise around how to successfully implement peer-led initiatives to support mental wellbeing in young people. 

You can access the full policy response here