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for BESPOKE anti-bullying visits at your school

So you have registered your interest in a bespoke training day and now wish to go ahead and submit a booking request for a bespoke anti-bullying training day at your school! 

Whether your young people are brand new to our campaign or have already been in the position of supporting others in their school, our unique anti-bullying ambassador training will help both your young people, staff members and school community to creatively explore and understand the topic of bullying. The training will provide practical ideas and top tips on how to prevent bullying, and ensure everybody feels safe and happy within your school community, both on and offline. 

Our training will leave your staff and students feeling inspired, excited and with a clear action plan to tackle and prevent bullying in your school community! 

Key outcomes from the training: 

  • Understanding the issue of bullying; facts, effects, identifying bullying, the definition of bullying and the importance of the topic

  • Celebrating diversity; recognising strengths and talents in terms of your anti-bullying team and school community

  • Practical ideas, top tips and drama exploration of the scenarios that your anti-bullying ambassadors might come across in their role

  • Supporting others; basic training looking at the skills needed to support others and discovering your own support network looking at protective behaviours and how young people can keep themselves and others safe, both online and offline

  • Sharing good practice, ideas and case study reviews

  • Great video examples of what schools have achieved since being trained as anti-bullying bullying ambassadors to bring to life ideas and suggestions for action plans

  • Action planning; helping staff and students think big, start small and agree targets and aims for their anti-bullying work.

Cost of the training: 

  • 1 Day Training Course at your school for up to 40 students £695+VAT and the cost of one night’s accommodation and travel for the trainer

  • Bespoke assemblies, parent of staff sessions or 1/2 day training price negotiable depending on needs

  • Overseas requests price negotiable depending on needs

What is included in the cost of training: 

  • Young people will receive a training booklet, branded pen, pencil, anti-bullying badge, notepad, wristband, annual campaign pack, parent guide, training certificate and an anti-bullying guide for their parent or guardian

  • Staff will receive an exclusive anti-bullying guide for staff, as well as on going support from our aftercare team in order to ensure the programme is sustained within the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many young people shall we train? We recommend a maximum of 40 young people aged 8-18 years old from a mixture of year groups across the school. We also recommend young people from all aspects; the bullies, the bullied and the bystanders in order to educate all young people on this important topic

  • Are there any videos/examples of work that schools have already done? You can check out our exemplary showcase schools and videos of their amazing anti-bullying work at:

  • Do staff need to attend the session? Yes! Supportive staff members are crucial to the success and sustainability of the anti-bullying campaign and anti-bullying ambassadors within your school. We ask that at least one staff member sits in on the training and supports the young people throughout the day, helping them to plan their ideas and collectively explore the issue of bullying. Their long-term support is vital to the success of the anti-bullying ambassadors

  • What happens after the training? Trained anti-bullying ambassadors will become part of our anti-bullying ambassadors network. We provide an aftercare system where we organise regular phone calls with ambassadors and their teachers, alongside access to free anti-bullying resources to keep ideas fresh and exciting. There are also opportunities for schools who continue the programme to become a showcase school. You may have the opportunity to showcase your fantastic anti-bullying work at events we run at Facebook HQ and Google!

If you would like to proceed with your booking, please fill out the form below. 

Please note:

  • We may not always be able meet your requested date due to waiting lists and diary pressures, however we will do our best to work with you to find an alternative date where possible

  • Once you have submitted your booking form, please allow 3-5 working days for a response from the team.

booking request form_

Name and Job Title
Please suggest as many dates for us to work with as possible. As stated above, we might not be able to meet your first choice request however we will work with you to agree on a date the best we can. Please also note there is a waiting list of schools for personalised visits which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
We recommend no more than 30 young people per personalised training day in order to ensure your anti-bullying team is as manageable and sustainable as possible.
For example, do you have an issue with cyber-bullying in your school? Are you looking to raise awareness about bullying in general? Any specific problems/needs that should be addressed and would benefit from being delivered by our training team as opposed to your own staff members.
How did you hear about The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign?