We know that our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are running incredible campaigns in their schools to tackle bullying and to support those who are being bullied and we want to reward them for their hard work. We are giving trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors the opportunity to earn extra badges to proudly wear around school. Take a look below to see what the four badges are, what campaigns fit into each category and what you have to do to earn them.

Respect new.jpg


Any campaigns or initiatives that are tackling identity based bullying, championing diversity & inclusion or promoting equal rights for any of the nine protected characteristics.

Community new.jpg


Any campaigns or events that build community such as fundraising events, raising awareness for a specific community group, working with local government or the Police.

Wellbeing new.jpg


Any campaigns or initiatives that encourage positive wellbeing such as peer mentoring, mental health awareness, support groups, online support tools, safe spaces in school.

Onlie Safety.jpg


Any campaigns or workshops that promote how to stay safe online such as educating others in online safety, digital resilience workshops, assemblies or social media campaigns.


1. Attend our training and become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

2. Your Anti-Bullying Ambassador team will then run a campaign in your school, focusing on one of the four areas: Respect, Community, Wellbeing or  Online Safety. 

3. This campaign should have an element which is ongoing for a period of at least three months and should also include a one-off event. 

4. Collect evidence to show that you have completed or initiated at least 5 actions towards the badge area . For example; an event, a training programme, a support group, a staff project, a competition, a survey etc. (Your 5 actions could be inclusive of but not limited to the examples provided). Please collect photos, videos, web links, interviews, emails, written pieces, which will act as evidence of your work.

5. You then need to let us know all about what you've done. You can either complete our Feedback Friday online form or you can arrange a feedback phone call with our Aftercare & Accreditation Coordinator; eleanor.marsea@diana-award.org.uk

6. Send any photos or videos as evidence to support your application.

7. The Aftercare & Accreditation Coordinator will then either award badges to your school’s Anti-Bullying team or offer further support. 

Notes; We recommend that you work towards 1 badge at a time. You may have done significant pieces of work in the past that will contribute towards your additional badges. We ask that only work that has been completed by current Anti-Bullying Ambassadors is submitted. As the badges are a great incentive to maintain the motivation and participation of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, we’d recommend that past actions can count for only 3 out of the 5 required actions. The final 2 actions will need to be planned and carried out, with the Ambassadors knowing what they are aiming towards.