Through the ENABLE project The Diana Award are offering a free set of Peer Support resources which provide staff with a step-by-step guide to setting up a student Peer Support scheme in their setting. Also available through the project are 10 social and emotional learning lesson plans and an advice pack on dealing with bullying for parents/carers.  These resources help schools put measures in place to reduce cyber bullying and offline bullying, develop student's social and emotional skills and encourage the whole school community to celebrate difference and diversity.

Click here to download the set of resources, or scroll down to read more about the ENABLE project and how it is reducing bullying across Europe.

1. Download the ENABLE Pack which gives you an overview of the resources and a guide to implementing the different elements of the project.

2. Interested in setting up a Peer Support Scheme in your school? Watch this webinar to further understand how you you use the resources to do this and how to make your student Peer Support scheme a success.

3. Interested in using the 10 SEL lessons? Watch this webinar created by South West Grid For Learning to understand how these lessons will help your students better manage their emotions.

4. Involve parents in ENABLE by sending them our Parent/Carer pack and webinar.

What is the ENABLE project?

The Diana Award is one of the six European partners who have co-created the ENABLE (eliminate bullying in learning and leisure environments) project. ENABLE aims to prevent bullying and cyberbullying in learning and leisure environments and contribute to the well being of children aged 11 to 14. ENABLE does this through focusing on establishing Peer Support schemes in school and encouraging social and emotional skills development (SEL).

Co-funded by the DG Justice of the European Commission, ENABLE has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of 6 European partners and 12 Think Tanks members to shape this innovative project which is currently being implemented in schools across 5 European countries (UK, Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Belgium).

ENABLE’s unique approach combines social and emotional learning (SEL) with Peer Support. Its resources and training provide staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to establish and lead on an effective student Peer Support scheme in their school and develop their students’ social and emotional skills. All of the resources have been developed so they can be used by educators straight away and no direct training is required. 

Please click on the links below to learn more about the ENABLE project and read ENABLE's report on bullying on cyber bullying facts and statistics from across Europe.

The faces behind the ENABLE project

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