Get involved in #KindnessDay 2016!

Following on from the success of last year, The Diana Award are excited to announce that for a second year in a row we are partnering with Penguin Random House to run Kindness Day 2016 on June 10th. Whether you are a young person, adult, teacher, parent, school, office or organisation you can help us mark Kindness Day 2016.

Kindness Day is inspired by the bestselling novel Wonder, which highlights to readers the importance of being kind and celebrating our differences. 

get involved!

1. Vote for the winners of the #KindnessDay Award: As part of #KindnessDay we have shortlisted 5 members of the public and 5 celebrities who have done random acts of kindness. Only one from each category can receive a #Kindness Day Award. VOTING CLOSED!

2. Create your own online #KindnessDay pledge: On #KindnessDay we are asking everyone to pledge to do a random act of kindness. It takes two seconds to make your own Kindness day pledge with our app.

3. Download our school's Kindness Day Activity Pack: The pack is full of extracts and resources from Wonder and activities which you can run in your school to celebrate #KindnessDay.

4. Sign up to our Thunderclap to show your support online: Show your support for Kindness Day online by signing up to our Thunderclap.

5. Buy the Wonder book for your school or child: Wonder teaches all ages the power of kindness through sharing 10 year old Auggie's experience of high school.


The story behind Kindness Day...

Kindness Day is inspired by the bestselling novel Wonder, written by R J Palacio. Wonder is a book about Auggie, a 10 year old boy who likes doing normal 10 year old things. But Auggie does not look like other 'normal' kids. The book shares his experience of joining Secondary School and shows us how small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on an individual's life and re-inforce to them that it is okay to be them.

This Kindness Day we are asking you to join us in helping make the world a kinder place and help kids like Auggie feel accepted. Kindness is free and something we are all capable of so why not get your school, friends, organisation, family or office to celebrate Kindness Day on June 10th!