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Every year we have a new National Youth Board.

Congratulations to the 16 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who were chosen to be on this year's National Youth Board!

During their year on the National Youth Board, they will meet in London to share and learn ideas on how to tackle bullying in their schools and communities, give us ideas about how we can make our programme as good as possible, speak at events, inform the public about the programme and meet some of our very special guests.

They will represent the voices of thousands of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors across the country.

We had an awesome time with last year's National Youth Board and we can't wait to see what our new members achieve over the course of the year! 

Meet our new National Youth Board members below! 

                                        Jack, 12, cambridge

I am 12 years old and I go to school in Cambridge.

I have red hair as you can clearly see and that is all I need to say.

I was bullied throughout primary school and at secondary school.

I was trained to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador in year 7 last year.

I have always felt strongly about bullying

james, 13, kent

I am on the Youth board not only to stop bullying but to make a difference on this Earth.

At my school anti-bullying is one of the most important things to me and my school.

I strongly believe that no one on this earth should be judged regardless of their age, race, sexuality or beliefs etc. I also think that you should live your life being you not who everyone thinks you should be.

"Be yourself. People don't have to like you, but you don't have to care"

On the other hand, in some cases bullies are going through tough times as well whether at home or at school or anywhere.

We are all human beings and together we are all stronger. So instead of everyone being judged because they are different, I say we all stand up together and leave a footprint on this earth that generations will remember! 

Charlotte, 17 , surrey


My name is Charlotte, I am 17 years old and attend a sixth form college in Surrey.

I wanted to apply for the Youth Board because I firmly believe that the most vital tool to creating a successful campaign against bullying is the sharing of ideas and experiences, rather than an individual attempting to take on such a large task alone.

I care a lot about using education to change people's lives and opportunities so I think that I am such an avid advocate against bullying because bullying can often impede on someone's education. Education is a fundamental right and nothing, especially not other peers, should take that away. 

I am very eager to meet and learn from other impassioned young people to ensure we are all taking the best routes to tackle bullying.



My name is Rafail and I go to school in South East London.

I wanted to apply to be on the Youth Board because I would like to tackle and possibly stop bullying not just in my school, but also other schools across the country. Also because I have experienced bullying over my school years and I know it’s never a great feeling to be part of.

I am leading a team of 9 anti-bullying ambassadors and organizing a feel-good Friday event at the end of the anti-bullying week. I am organizing a rota for my ambassadors to start a Playground Patrols at every break and lunch times.

In the anti-bullying training session, I have learned that there are many ways to help victims of bullying and give them support. Also I learnt that you should be creative and imaginative when doing activities or events that are related to bullying.

Hopefully I can put down my ideas on the table and put them into practice.

BRIlanda, 16, epsom

Once hearing of this amazing opportunity I immediately wanted to apply.

Being bullied myself has made me particularly passionate about this subject and I feel I will be able to help young people today to also overcome any anti-social issues. Using my experience, I have managed to help others at my school and would love to further endorse my talents which is why I applied to be a Youth Ambassador and I am very excited to be able to help people on a larger scale.

From my anti-bullying training, I feel I have gained an understanding of how important confidentiality is. I consider myself now an active listener who can show empathy towards my peers and the younger year groups at my school, I value everyone’s opinions and use those to develop myself. I have learnt how to handle bullying in a democratic and mature way which has lead me to be able to help those in need.



My Name is Alfie.

I am a committed anti-bullying ambassador.

I have a great work ethic and always focus on the positivity in life. I am always inspired to help people and I really aspire to change peoples lives. This is why i became an anti-bullying ambassador, it allows you to have freedom and help others.

The program helps you to have fun whilst helping others to have fun.

There are many activities we do to help people and becoming an anti-bullying ambassador has changed me. I feel I have more confidence.     I am lucky enough to be selected for such a wonderful opportunity, The 2016 Youth board for anti-bullying.

This is a dream come true and will allow me to help those suffering from bullying.

Remember, if you are suffering; Speak Up. Help others!                             It’ll come in your favour :-)

georgia, 15, surrey


I am 15 years old and attend a secondary school in Surrey.

As soon as I heard that my school was getting involved in the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors scheme, I knew I had to be a part of it.  Having experienced bullying myself, I am keen to offer support to others dealing with this difficult issue and feel that I am well placed to promote a positive and welcoming environment to all students at my school. As a year 11, I have taken on a leadership role within our Ambassadors team, and have helped to run assemblies to inform students about the role that we are going to play in school.

After seeing the progress that other schools have made and the impact that Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have had, I have been inspired and I hope that I can help to achieve this success with in my own school.  As a member of the Youth Board, I am looking forward to working with other students from all over the country, sharing our ideas and our experiences to help to combat bullying and make school a happy place for all students. 

I am extremely grateful that I have been given this opportunity to represent the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors through the Youth Board, and I hope that we can become a voice for the thousands of young people dealing with the complex issue of bullying, making a real difference to their lives.


Junior is 12 and goes to school in Leeds. “I wanted to join the Youth Board because I was bullied all the way through primary school and I want to help others not just in my school but across the whole country from being bullied and ensure that nobody suffers like I did".

In the anti-bullying training I learnt that it isn't my fault as to why I was bullied and that I am not to blame. I found that there are many reasons why people bully and sometimes the bully themselves may need help. I think I will be a good asset to the youth board as I have experienced bullying first hand, know how it feels and I am proof that you can overcome bullying with the right help and advice. 

At my school I have set up a Anti-Bullying Ambassador group and we are working together to act as a voice for students to help them come forward, get them the help they need and not suffer in silence. I have also choreographed a Anti-Bullying dance which I have performed in school and at events across Leeds to highlight the effects and feelings a person experiences when being bullied. I also actively use social media to highlight bullying issues and share what I am doing to stop bullying. 

Junior has been awarded the Courageous Citizen Diana Award for his Anti-Bullying work and charity fundraising.  Junior is looking forward to working with the youth board and sharing his ideas to combat bullying on a wide scale. 

alistair, 11, warwickshire

I wanted to become a youth board member so I could help stop bullying on a wider scale and give ideas to other people that I don’t know and people who are different ages to me. It will also give me ideas of what to do for my new team that I’m creating at my new secondary school.

I am passionate about the anti-bullying-ambassador scheme as I have two friends that have been bullied and I saw how upset they were and thought that nobody should go through it alone…nobody should go through it at all.

At primary school I was involved in many projects including an assembly on awareness to what bullying is, smile and compliment day, a design your own bullying awareness poster and a 2 minutes silence on stand up to bullying day.

I am now working to introduce Ambassadors into my new school.


I am 16 years old and I attend a school in Cheshire. 

I well and truly stand against bullying as I believe everyone should be who they want to be and have the right to feel free and be true to themselves without being judged for who they are. People should be able to live their lives happily and not hide who they really are because they are scared of what people will say and how people will react to them as an individual.

Finding out I was on the youth board this year has been the highlight of 2016 for me . I have always wanted to be part of the youth board because I want to share not only my experience of being a victim of bullying but to create more awareness so people who I help or inspire will speak out and tackle their bullying on a national level not just in their local community, as something has to be done about bullying on a much larger scale!!

I'm excited  to meet and work with other young people who share the same thoughts as me on bullying and are as passionate about anti bullying as me. I can't wait to make new friends and have new experiences over the next year ! 

MOLLY , 14, bedford

I’m Molly, I’m 14 and I go to a school in Bedford.

I applied to the Youth Board because I wanted to take a stand against bullying on a national scale and to try and help people that I would ordinarily never be able to help. I want to stop bullying because I know how upset it can make someone and how much it can affect someone’s life.

In my school, we have put whiteboards in everyone’s common rooms and tried to get pupils to sign them to show that they are against bullying. We have also presented assemblies to the younger years of our senior school and are currently trying to get more senior years involved in Anti-Bulling.

I am really excited to be on the board and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.


I am 16 years old and I attend school in Cambridge.

I was bullied throughout primary and secondary school, making me now even more determined to join this campaign against bullying. When I felt so alone at school and at home, I discovered the Anti Bullying Ambassadors and it gave me hope.

Being part of this youth board will allow me to help others discover that they are never alone, and to aid them in their personal fight against bullying and to discovering who they are. I can’t wait to meet the other members of our youth board, as I know they will all be as passionate as I am and that in working together we will be able to change lives for the better.

Rather than using people’s differences as a way of demeaning them, I am looking forward to celebrating everyone’s differences and making them truly feel unique but at the same time fully supported in the community.

                                       JOEY, 18, COVENTRY

My name is Joey.

I am a student at a school in Coventry. 

I have been an active member of the Peer Support Team for 2 years and enjoying helping others. I do a lot of work to raise awareness around the topic of anti-bullying and promote positivity.

I am passionate about making a difference and plan to continue to shout out for those who feel that are not being heard.




I wanted to join the Youth Board because I am passionate about stamping out bullying.

I was bullied for two years until I stood up to my bully, with the help of my friends.

I think that normally adults try to fix things when it is really the children who need to learn how to deal with difficult times and to help each other.

I think the Youth Board will be a great opportunity to share ideas and give me a chance to do more in my school to stop bullying and put a smile on everyone’s faces.  


Hello my name is Cameron.

I am  9 years  old  and i go to school in London.

The reason i wanted to apply to the Youth Board, is because  i like helping people and i would be a good role model for other  people , by helping them with any problems they have.

There was an incident with two children fighting in the playground.

I stopped them by telling them to  stop fighting, and reported it to the  teacher. 

kieran, 12, chesterfield

Hi I’m Kieran I am 12 and I am a proud Anti-Bullying Ambassador at my school.

I wanted to be part of the Anti-bullying as I was bullied at primary school and know how a bully can make your life feel like a living nightmare.

So my passion comes from helping others to not feel like that and aim to stamp bullying out and replace it with friendship and understanding. I want to bring fresh ideas to my school and community .

 Joining the national anti-bullying will help my confidence and help me make a difference not only in my school but also in the UK and stand up for those being bullied.

Also educate bullies so they can see how their action can have really life changing consequences on the people they bully.

My hope is to encourage diversity where people can be who they want to be without fear of being bullied for being unique.

I believe with the motto “Kindness, understanding and education eradicates bullying” we can make a stand together and have zero tolerance for bullying.