Meet some of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors!

An Anti-Bullying Ambassador is a trained young person who works with their peers to offer support to students in their school who are experiencing bullying. They also run campaigns to educate their peers on all forms of bullying including cyberbullying, homophobia and racism.

If you are a trained Anti-Bullying Ambassador and would like to feature on this page, please email with a statement that is no longer than 100 words* that talks about how being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has developed/helped you as a person and what anti-bullying work you have got planned for the future.  Please also include a photo of you wearing your Anti-Bullying Ambassador badge.  

*By sending in your story/photos you are giving The Diana Award permission to use them on our website, social media and promotional materials.


"I've loved every minute of being an AntiBullying ambassador! I have helped so many people and our school is now a bully-free zone. It is a big responsibility to become an anti bullying ambassador and I am glad to be one. Anyone who becomes an anti-bullying ambassador, BE PROUD that your one! Inspiration is the key to being an anti bullying ambassador as you play a big role in the school and you need to inspire people. Join Anti Bullying Pro today and take a stand to bullying!!!!!"


"My name is Jordan Filby and I'm the Friendly Face Captain at Aylsham High School. I believe that being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has helped me as a person because it has let me develop my communication skills. It has made me feel so much happier within myself knowing that I do things to help others.

In the near future, I'm planning to run a Year 7 Anti-Bullying day along with a Year 9 Equality Day which myself and the Friendly Face Team will run, which is unlike any other school. Moreover, running the Anti-Bullying Conference held at AHS."


"Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has provided me with an opportunity I never thought was available before. I have helped tackle some really important issues within my school, and externally, that I feel really strongly about and I am so grateful that I have been a part of this. I am a much more confident person and I have developed a set of invaluable skills that I can use for the rest of my life. In the future I hope to further this work wherever I am, and continue to help as many people in need as possible."


"As an Anti-Bullying ambassador I have been able to turn my experience of bullying into a positive, life changing thing for other. By helping and mentoring people going through bullying and by simply being a friend. Over the course of this next year we plan to use our schools new Anti-Bullying Facebook page to raise awareness, but also get more students trained from all years as ambassadors so our support system can be what people need. We are also going to carry on being positive and creating an environment against bullies, and take a stand against bullying."


"Honestly, being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has developed me as a person in many ways, but the key one for me was how it has helped me to see the bigger picture. You can never know what is going on in someone's life, behind the scenes. Little things that seem insignificant to many can change a person's day for the better, or for the worse. There's no better feeling than when you make a positive impact on someone's life, and knowing that they went home a happier person because of your actions, and the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme really helped to instil this in me. I will be bringing this message round to a couple of different schools and groups in different parts of the country over the next few months to tell them the story of our school Ambassadors & hopefully inspire some future Ambassadors too!"



"We learn and we grow every day of our lives, through the things that we make ourselves be part of. Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has helped me grow, I am a part of a community which has made me the person I am today. I am assertive and I am myself, the person that I spent so long trying to find. It is because of this I can better the lives of others by talking about the stigma with bullying, promoting anti-bullying in my school, and soon to my community as I plan to venture to local libraries to promote anti-bullying"


Being an Anti-Bullying ambassador has helped me so much, in so many different ways. I was confident before I became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador however it has given me so many new feelings and emotions, I have developed an overwhelming sense of empathy. If I see someone sat on their own or upset, I need to go talk to them, I can't let someone be alone, everybody needs a friend, and I am glad to call The Anti-Bullying Programme one of mine.


"Over the past six months the Anti-Bullying project has really helped me as a person, building my confidence and teaching me to see people in a new light; whereas before I would have probably just focused on myself. I now see it as my responsibility to help as many people as possible learn about bullying prevention and support, And our team is developing just as quickly: so far as a new group we’ve set up a text-to-email service, an reporting app, a ‘compliments box’, a Smile Day and a cyber bullying awareness concert. This is just the beginning so I know that we’re all really excited for what the future brings!"



"Leading the Anti-Bullying campaign in my school alongside a team of amazing ambassadors has been one of the greatest experiences of my school life. Not only do I get to be a part of something that has a genuine positive impact in my own school, but the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme allows me to be a part of a wider movement that is influencing change all across the UK. I have learnt how easy it is to influence this change with the help of others. The progress we have made over the last couple of years has allowed the number of our ambassadors to double. We have and will continue to push forward many more exciting anti-bullying initiatives. The introduction of 'The Barn', a fun and welcoming place for anyone to come to at lunch time continues to be a success. We're also working on developing an anonymous email service that links up with every student's email to connect them with counsel and support."


Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has helped develop my people skills greatly as I have had many opportunities to interact with other Ambassadors as well as some very cool people such as Prince William! My public speaking has also developed as I am now able to give presentations in front of a large audience, whereas before I was an Ambassador I would get very nervous before a speech. I am now a much more confident person since becoming an Ambassador and I have since organised events in my school such as a ‘Blue Day’ to raise awareness about bullying.

Amber Starkie

"Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has given me a lot more confidence; I have to interact with people I have never met before, who have come from different backgrounds and areas of the country. I have also formed strong friendships with people who I met during the our training event which has been fantastic. I have gained valuable skills, such as knowing what defines bullying and preventing/stopping it, teamwork, speaking in public and conveying ideas to others effectively. It has also reassured me that it is okay to talk to other people about any issues I may be facing, and how I can listen to others when they are going to similar things. Overall, it has been a very rewarding experience and I enjoyed every moment of it."