Meet Some of Our Ambassadors

By becoming an Anti-Bullying Ambassador you are joining a team of young people all working to tackle bulling in their schools/youth organisations and communities. These Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will tell you what being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador involves, why they wanted to become an Ambassador and what they do in their schools/youth organisations.

Do you want to inspire others to stop bullying in their schools? Get in touch with us today and let us know what you have been up to, and why you become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. Email us at  

Meet Tom


Hi my name is Tom, I am 16 and go to school in Norwich. My school have what we call the Friendly Faces who are a group of students in the school who work to make sure that other students feel safe and happy. I became a Friendly Face in year 10. I enjoyed doing it because it was nice to help out some of the younger students and help them settle in. In October 2013 I was trained to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador by the Diana Award team. The training was a great opportunity to share what I had learnt as a Friendly Face with other schools. The training also opened up a lot of opportunities for me including going to Facebook’s Headquarters in London to receive my Diana Award.

Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador has helped me develop compassion to others whatever their problems may be. I have also learnt that no matter how big or small a person’s problem is you need to put yourself in their shoes to help support them. I think you also need to be open minded to other people’s problems. Just because it might not be a problem to you it doesn’t mean that they aren’t hurt by it. I think it is always a good thing to be able to sympathise with others and being in this role has helped me do this. By being a leading on stopping bulling in your school you are not only helping society but you are also developing life skills.

I am very proud to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. I have had some lovely experiences because of it and will never forget some of the nice times I have had! It is also a really cool thing to think that I have played a part in helping reduce bullying. 

Meet James

Hi, I’m James and I go to school in Basingstoke. So why did I want to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador? Well I have been bullied in school and know how it feels and didn’t want anyone else to suffer like I did so want to help those that have been bullied. I was trained to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador by Paul in November along with 40 other students from my school. From the training I learnt how to support people being bullied, where to get help and how to tackle bullying in a positive way. I also gained a lot of confidence from the training after I stood up and shared my story of being bullied with everyone.

"James was a natural leader and supporter during the day. I observed him really taking a step forward especially when he told everyone about his experience of bullying which was a really brave and admirable thing to do. I feel that he has the capabilities to successfully contribute towards an effective Anti-Bullying campaign at his school" - Paul (Anti-Bullying Ambassador Trainer). 

Since being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador I have signed our schools Anti-Bullying pledge board, given out different facts, figures and information to students and staff about bullying for example; where to go for help, why people bully, hints and tips to stop cyber bullying. I have also enjoyed chatting with other Anti-Bullying Ambassadors over social network sites.

I think that all schools should have Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Having Ambassadors let people talk about the problems they are having and be supported by people the same age who have gone through similar experiences. They provide a friendly face around the school to go and talk to and help raise awareness about how serious the issue of bullying is.

Meet Jazib

Hi my name is Jazib I am 15 and go to an all girls school in Manchester. I became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador last year. I wanted to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador for a number of reasons. I am approachable, a good listener and able to understand others feelings and help them find solutions to difficult situations. I wanted to help create a welcoming environment in school and help build relationships between all age groups in my school.

Cyber-bullying has particularly been an issue amongst my friends especially people receiving nasty comments over Facebook. As Anti-Bullying Ambassadors we have tried to overcome this in school by making sure the school computers were being used safely and that social networking sites are blocked on the computers.  We also helped tell students how they can stay safe online by holding assemblies with all year groups to show how you deal with different situations online.

In school our film club and drop in sessions have been a real success. These happen on Thursday lunchtimes. The idea is that people of all years can come and make new friends whilst watching their favourite films. It is a good way of making sure that people don’t feel lonely at break times and giving them a chance to talk to someone about their problems

The Anti-Bullying programme has not only put smiles on pupils and teachers faces but we all feel like we have made a difference both in school and in the wider community. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with the new Anti-bullying Ambassasdors so we can help them stop bullying in our school.