The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign has teamed up with Vodafone to create Be Strong Online, a new programme to help students explore the digital world.

This module is called My Digital Life.  It's a good place to start with the Be Strong Online programme, as it explores some of the basics when it comes to being online. My Digital Life aims to open up a discussion amongst students about the way that technology and the internet has changed our lives, how we behave and how we communicate. It uses fun and engaging activities to encourage students to discuss things to bear in mind when using the internet, which take the form of ‘the four C’s' - content, contact, conduct and commercialism.

This programme takes a peer-to-peer approach. With the help of the resources below, a staff member will train a group of Ambassadors who will then deliver short lessons with younger students. If you're a student, share this page with a teacher or staff member who could run this training.

Click on the link below to connect to our Be Strong Online website to download all the resources you need to run My Digital Life in your school or youth group!

Download here

Click here or on the image below for the 'See Kids Review 1980s mobile phones' video.

We would like your feedback - email with any comments or suggestions. Thank you!