FREE Body Confidence RESOURCES and workshops

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign in partnership with ASOS, runs the #MySenseOfSelf project which explores body image, body confidence and self-esteem.

From speaking to young people and staff across the country through our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme, we understand the importance of equipping young people with the tools they need to tackle social pressures on body image and develop self-confidence.

As part of this project we have created a lesson plan for teachers or staff members to use: this resource aims to encourage students to open up a discussion with their peers about body image and is packed full of interactive activities.

It contains everything you need to run a 1.5-hour class or a number of shorter sessions, and explores 3 core themes: social media and its impact; celebrating difference; and developing self-esteem

The resources have gained the quality mark from the PSHE Association, who said “#MySenseOfSelf provides the opportunity to promote positive body image in a highly engaging and thought-provoking way”.


Yes? Fantastic! There are two ways you can get involved:

#MySenseOfSelf interactive workshops

From January 2019 onwards, we will be delivering a number of #MySenseOfSelf interactive sessions which explore topics such as body image, body confidence and self-esteem with support from ASOS staff volunteers in schools across the Watford, Barnsley and London areas. 

These FREE 1.5 hour sessions will be for groups of students (maximum 35 young people) and suitable for mixed groups in KS3 & 4.

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The Body Confidence Series

We are also offering a small number of schools the opportunity to take part in The Body Confidence series, a 3-part workshop which aims to provide a more in-depth look at the topics covered in the #MySenseOfSelf workshop.

Theses FREE sessions will be for the same group of students (maximum 35 young people, mixed group in KS3 & 4). 

Please register your interest below.

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