Supported by the Department for Education and Facebook, ASOS, Trutex, and Blackpool City Council.

The Diana Award hosted two Anti-Bullying Week events with over 600 amazing young people in attendance in November 2017.

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Young people, staff members, sponsors and special guests joined us at the events in London and Blackpool to share creative and inspiring ways to tackle bullying. 2017's Anti-Bullying Week events were sponsored by the Department for Education and Facebook, and were supported by ASOS, Trutex, and Blackpool City Council.

The events featured fun workshops exploring bullying through dance, art, music and drama, as well as a Dragons’ Den competition where schools presented their anti-bullying ideas to our Dragons. Representatives from The Diana Award, Facebook, Blackpool City Council and The Department for Education as well as other special guests took part in an interactive Q&A session with students and staff


This year Carrie Grant hosted a panel discussion with our supporters and young people. This was a chance for the audience to ask our panel of experts in the field of ‘Bullying’ and ‘Online Safety’ any questions that may have that may relate to the young people or young people that they work with. There will be young people within the audience and they may have some questions for you. The audience was given a chance to ask the panel questions surrounding:

  • The definition of bullying
  • Is it better to be popular online or offline?


Three teams at each event presented their ideas for technological solutions to bullying to our panel of Dragons’ for the opportunity to win £200 for their school, in order to make their anti-bullying dream a reality. Schools were given the opportunity to deliver a five minute pitch to representatives from Department for Education, Facebook, Monica Lewinsky and Holly Branson, plus an audience of teachers. It was then up to the Dragons to collectively deliberate and decide which school group had the best idea.


Our special guests from the worlds of music, YouTube, poetry, drama and dance led inspirational and creative workshops with young people to explore bullying and how to tackle it. In the afternoon everyone had the opportunity to showcase their work and perform their anti-bullying songs, dances, drama pieces and present their videos and graffiti artwork.  

Bars and Melody

Bars and Melody joined us to create a fantastic musical piece focussed on the topic of bullying.  Working collaboratively with our young people, they produced amazing pieces of music and encouraging other young people to write lyrics/songs against bullying.

Street Art

Working with Positive Arts our young people created a visual street art piece focussed on the topic of bullying. All young people then showcased the amazing work they had produced throughout the day in our Showcase hour. There were some amazing designs, which showed of the creativity and passion of all our young people.


Supercell visited Anti-Bullying Week to discuss and explore the topic of ‘Online gaming’, through the medium of acting, rapping, poetry or other creative means. In these workshops young people were given the opportunity to discuss the pros & cons of gaming online. Our Supercell youth board also attended to provide further support and guidance surrounding this topic.

T-Shirt Design

Trutex worked with different schools from across the UK to create their very own anti-bullying t-shirt design with the aim to encourage young people to promote their anti-bullying campaign through art and design. During the showcase hour many young people had the chance to show off their work, with one lucky teacher even receiving a very special t-shirt from their students!

Dance Workshop

We were joined by Kelvin Clark who worked with our talented young people to create a dance piece focussed on the topic of speaking out against bullying and celebrating difference. It was an incredibly positive and empowering routine that showed off our young people’s energy and enthusiasm.

WCRS Dictionary Campaign – November 2017

During Anti-Bullying Week, The Diana Award worked with ad agency WCRS on a campaign to change the dictionary definition of the word ‘Bully’, which many dictionary companies define as “a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker”.

Our YOUGOV poll showed 72% of children (10-16) believe the current definition of ‘Bully’ should be changed. The campaign supported on social media by influencers including Richard Branson, Millie Bobby Brown, Holly Willoughby, Philip Schofield and more. Our dedicated Snapchat filter across UK during Anti-Bullying Week.

As a result, we reached 50M people on social media with over 3M impressions on twitter. Collins changed Dictionary definitions of ‘Bully’ and ‘Bullying’ and also changed their definition.