A question frequently asked to our training and development team is ‘Why do people get bullied?’ The immediate response is that there is not one definitive answer...

Coping Behaviour

Sometimes bullies will have their own problems and it can be an outlet for them to hurt others if they are unable to find positive coping strategies for their own situation.

Impressing Others

They may want to impress others in their peer group and could think that humiliating someone else will make them look impressive to others.

Despite these as explanations, whatever someone is going through, it is never okay to bully someone else.

Some people can choose to upset, pick on or intimidate other people using the internet or a mobile phone; this is known as cyber-bullying. The feeling that they are more distant from what they are doing and potentially more difficult to trace by moderators can be a reason for promoting this behaviour. Being able to communicate an offensive message to the victim can be done so quickly that the perpetrator might not think about how hurtful it is. In addition to this, other people can join in on the offensive behaviour as it is being done in a way that is more difficult for bystanders to challenge immediately. It is important to acknowledge that cyber-bullying is illegal; messages can be screenshotted or e-mails printed as evidence of the behaviour and the perpetrators can be brought to justice for their actions.